Paris: A walk through the Oberkampf neighborhood

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Photo courtesy by Melanie Clatanoff
Photo courtesy by Melanie Clatanoff

The 11th arrondissement is an unpretentious yet trendy Parisian district. Its heart is rue Oberkampf. Drinks and food along this street run about half what they do in more touristy areas like Saint Michel and the Latin Quarter. Happy Hour in most bars runs from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., with cocktails going for around €4 and pints at €3. Oberkampf is also one of the few thoroughfares in Paris where it’s easy to find snack food after 3 a.m.

More importantly, this hilly and quaint neighborhood has retained a real Parisian atmosphere, with narrow winding streets and family owned cafés.

The most action-packed few blocks of rue Oberkampf are between the Avenue de la République and rue Moret. To absorb some Oberkampf action, we suggest taking the metro to Parmentier (line 3) and strolling up the hill until you find a café (or three) suiting your mood. Some suggestions: Chez Justine, at number 96; Café Charbon, at number 111; the jazz bar Le Styx, at number 126.

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