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What suspense!
What suspense!

Thanks for all of the responses we received to Monday’s Paris film quiz. (If you haven’t read the clues yet, read the post before proceeding!)

The quiz was a real doozy, but we did have a winner. Here’s an explanation from our correspondent and quiz-master Theadora Brack:

“As with any mystery, the clues don’t always add up. In this case, the fact that the cast included: David Compton played by Clive Brook (male lead in the 1923 version), Vesta Compton played by Juliette Compton (supporting actress in the 1929 version), Davie Compton played by Georgue Billings (supporting actor in the 1929 version), and Deloryce/Lola played by Betty Compson (female lead in both the 1923 and 1929 versions) led to the kind of confusion that causes eye witnesses to send innocent people to the electric chair!

Yes, we have a winner. Thanks to the smart sleuthing of “Poetloverrebelspy” the mystery now has been solved.

1. Who was the Assistant Director? Alfred Hitchcock

2. What was the name of the film? “Woman to Woman”

3. And who was the red-haired beauty? Alma Reville

To straighten it all out, Betty Compton (with a “t”) was Jimmy Walker’s wife and a Ziegfeld dancer–but did NOT star in “Woman to Woman.”

Julie Compton (with another “t”) WAS a Ziegfeld dancer. And WAS the supporting actress in Victor Saville’s “Woman to Woman” (1929).

However, Betty Compson (with an “s”) was a vagabond violinist, and yes, played the leading female lead in BOTH Alfred Hitchcock’s 1923 “Woman to Woman” and Victor Saville’s 1929 version !

Whew. More than coincidence ? In this case, I guess so.

My face is red. Head is spinning.”

Thanks, Theadora! And congrats to Poetloverrebelspy… there’s a Sephori bag with your name on it, headed for Berlin!

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