Paris Budget Tips: Now it’s your turn!

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Tom "working it" at last year's ITB travel show in Berlin. Alas, a tad blurry...
Tom "working it" at last year's ITB travel show in Berlin. Alas, a tad blurry...

As you may have read by now, our Editor-in-Cheapo (er, Chief) will be leaving this Friday for Paris.  He knows where he’s staying, he knows which hotels he’s reviewing, but wait, there’s more. Here’s where you come in.

If you’re a budget traveler with a passion for Paris, you’ve no doubt come up with your own savvy methods for saving a few sous. Do you have any insider budget tips to share with Tom, or that you’d like him to test out while he’s on the ground?

Maybe you have a super idea for saving money on the Paris Metro. Or, you think that the city’s Velib bike program is the bee’s sneeze, even in the dead of winter. You might know of a really cheap creperie that you think other Cheapos need to hear about.

Tom will be blogging from Paris twice next week, so if you have a budget tip to share, simply leave it for him in the comment section below and he’ll try to conquer it when he’s there.

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4 thoughts on “Paris Budget Tips: Now it’s your turn!”

  1. If you are trying to saving money on the metro, don’t even think about sneaking through without paying. You never know when a contrôleur will strike! Depending on how often you plan on taking it, buy a carnet of 10 tickets, a full-day unlimited pass, or pay 5 euros for a navigo decouverte, on which you can add money and use for both the vélib bike system and metro.

    Save money by bringing your own sturdy umbrella. You will certainly get rained on next week in Paris, and the tourist shops know it. They’ll charge you 10 euros for a horrible flimsy umbrella that might not even get the job done.

    Don’t get caught paying for internet. McDo has free wifi, as do all libraries, all public parks and some museums (centre pompidou).

    And, if you happen to be under 26, save the Louvre for Friday night! Starting at 6 p.m., it’s free for 18-26ers. 26+ get a reduced fare at that time. Same goes for Musée d’Orsay on Thursday nights. And you can save money with your Musée d’Orsay ticket: for 8 days after you visit the museum, you can use the same ticket for a reduced price ticket to the musée national Gustave Moreau and can visit the Palais Garnier (national opera of Paris) for free.

    Free is everywhere in Paris. You just need to know where to find it.

  2. I like Lina’s idea. Also, please find a good, cheapo crepe spot. You know, the kind that’s on the street, but isn’t gross. Food to go?

  3. You guys write so much about that bike program are you going to try it? I think you should try getting around on the bikes and take photos.

    We’re going over in June and I’d like to hear about it before I trying pedalling around Paris!


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