Paris Airport: CDG free train replaces old bus system

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Baggage claim
Photo by iced_espresso

Charles de Gaulle airport is an enormous structure. Trust us, we’ve spent what seems like years walking in the place. And nothing puts us in a better mood after a seven-hour flight than schleping twice our body weight in luggage in search of a connecting train into Paris.

CDG has always long had a bus service connecting the airport’s three terminals but the busses were crowded, unreliable and hogged the airport’s slow roadways. Now the new CDG Val, Roissy’s free rail system, replaces the old busses and connects the airport’s three terminals and the RER and TGV stations, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No need to schlep.

So, next time you land in Paris take the Val to the RER to the Metro, et voila, 35 minutes later you’re in the center of Paris.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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One thought on “Paris Airport: CDG free train replaces old bus system”

  1. With that picture, I have to say that it is a sweet airport! The architecture is really nice and it seems you can find your way easily when you are there.


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