Paris: Cheap Indian food in La Chapelle


Photo by gilles_itzkovitchklein

Some Parisian neighborhoods are well known for their falafel, some their dim-sum, and some for their couscous. But the neighborhood of Paris where you’re going to get the best dosa remains well under the tourist radar.

If you have a craving for Indian food, head over to La Chapelle on line 2. When you exit the metro turn right, into the 10th arrondissement. Within a single block you’ll be surrounded by Indian restaurants and stores. Most of the businesses are South Indian with lots of Tamil cuisine, but there are a few Sri Lankan restaurants, as well. It’s one of the only neighborhoods in Paris where it’s easy to get a three course dinner for under €15, and every restaurant we’ve frequented in La Chapelle has offered delicious fare.

Now we need to figure out how to say “bon appetit” in Tamil…

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