Paris Cheap Souvenirs: 5 gift ideas for less than €5

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Cheap secondhand books at Gilbert Jeune. Photo by ShimShamB.
Cheap secondhand books at Gilbert Jeune. Photo by ShimShamB.

There are plenty of things to bring back from Paris, whether lasting or fleeting, that won’t eat up all your euros. Here are five of our suggestions for souvenirs that will remind you of la vie Parisien—for €5 or less.

1. Livre d’occasion from Gilbert Jeune

With outlets on both sides of the St. Michel fountain, the Gilbert Jeune bookstore both buys and sells books. That’s good news for Cheapos, since the store often resells the livres d’occasion (used books) at 50 percent or more off the original price. Find an extensive selection of discounted books on the top floor of the shop (the one on the left side when facing the fountain), whether your French reading level is Le Compte de Monte Cristo, Le Petit Prince, or Les Couleurs.

2. Bottle of wine from Nicolas

In France, pretty much all wine is good wine, even the cheapest bottles. Nicolas, a chain of wine stores, sells bottles in every price range, with plenty of decent vintages for less than €5. The salespeople are also helpful in assisting customers in finding the type of wine they want. The main Paris store is located at the Place de la Madeleine, though there are numerous outlets throughout the city.

3. Notebook from the Louvre

A mustard lover's dream. Photo: RoryRory

A mustard lover’s dream. Photo: RoryRory

The Louvre museum store sells a number of small items, like postcards and bookmarks, for only a couple of euros. Why not take home a souvenir and start recounting your travels at the same time with a notebook featuring the Mona Lisa on the cover?

4. Checkered scarf

No matter what the weather, a checkered scarf is part of the uniform of many Parisian boys (and girls!). The kitschy tourist shops you’ll find on virtually every corner in central Paris sell various scarves and pashminas, many of which are €5 or less. Check out the kids on the street for hints on how to wear your new scarf!

5. Mustard from Maille

The Maille store at 6 Place de la Madeleine in the 8th Arrondissement is a mustard-lover’s dream, with dozens of flavors you won’t find elsewhere, like cassis (black currant), basil or peach. There are a couple of different size jars that won’t empty your wallet, though you can splurge on a multi-pack gift set or one of the mustards “on tap” that come in refillable crocks.

Your Cheapo Paris souvenirs

Did you come home from your European vacation with a neat souvenir that cost less than €5? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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About the author: Liz Webber is a freelance journalist living and working in Paris. She has previously worked for the International Herald Tribune and Budget Travel.

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3 thoughts on “Paris Cheap Souvenirs: 5 gift ideas for less than €5”

  1. This was back in December, but the scarves were the cheapest by the Latin Quarter, across the street from the Notre Dame, before entering the eating/shopping area, the stores there had the scarves – 1 for 3€ or 5 for 10€. Best deal!

  2. On several of the street markets; as well as at Versaille, there are vendors selling “silk” scarves that are fair copies of Hermes etc. They usually start at 5 euros each but if you check them out then start to walk away you can always get 2 for5. Additional hint……..check the edges! some are rolled, Good! Some are just stitched.not so good.

  3. At the Tour Eiffel, the guys who are walking around selling miniature Tour Eiffels…the little keychains are 2€ for 4 of them! They cost more everywhere else in Paris.


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