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Paris: Free walking tours

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Sandeman’s New Europe, the travel company whose free walking tours have already taken Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, and London by storm, has come to Paris. Every day, rain or shine, tours start at 11 a.m. in front of the St. Michel fountain (metro St. Michel, line 4). No sign-ups are necessary. Prospective tourers just need to show up at St. Michel at 11.

Tours last about three hours and are totally free. The only catch is that the guides work for tips only. We trust Cheapos can figure out that tipping a tour guide is much less expensive than paying outrageous fees to a traditional tour company. The tour is hilarious and hugely informative, and the guides are all Anglophones.

We view these tours as probably the most entertaining (and certainly the cheapest!) way to get to know Paris in an afternoon.

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7 Responses to “Paris: Free walking tours”

Samuel says:

Any details about the itinerary of this Paris walking tour?



cynthia says:

interested in the walking tours,be there on 15th feb2010,and also interested nearby hostel

kille says:

hey cynthia, you have great walking tour that u took in paris. it is run by young political science student. here is his website: http://www.cityfreetour.com
one of the best tour i ever had!


Caty says:

Hi there!
We are spanish, and we will arrive to Paris on the 13th at 14.00, and we leave on the 15th in the morning.
Is it any tour available for us??
Thanks in advance!!!!

Caty says:

Sorry, on the 13th an 14th of February :)

Pat Nicol says:

Are there any free tours in Montmartre, or just the one that leaves from the St. Michel fountain?

Larry says:

We will be in Paris May 7 to May 9th. How do we take advantage of this?

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