Paris: “Solidays” rock concert for a cause

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Solidays 2006
Photo by larcenette

July 6 through 8 marks the 9th annual Solidays festival in Paris. Solidays is a giant reunion of rock, hip-hop, and metal, all designed to raise money to fight AIDS. It’s held at the racetrack of Longchamps, and the first day’s lineup includes Ms. Lauryn Hill, JoeyStarr, and our personal favorite, No One Is Innocent.

On the July 7, participating groups include Sean Lennon, Sum 41, and Zenzile. On the final day, the man everyone’s been talking about recently, Abd Al Malik, will play, along with Trust, Mass Hysteria, and others.

Tickets are expected to go very fast. Prices aren’t outrageous by any means. A three-day pass is €44, a two-day pass runs €39, and a day pass will set you back €29.

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One thought on “Paris: “Solidays” rock concert for a cause”

  1. hey this is really cool. we in india are in big need for this kind of an event. i work with a HIV/AIDS organisation called Nireekshana ACET in Hyderabad, India. I appreciate your work and wish all God’s best for your endeavours on the foght agains AIDS. Pleas let me know if there is any possible way for me to be involved from this part of the world.



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