Paris: Some Basic Tips

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Photograph by snatched
Photograph by snatched

We admit, living like a Cheapo in Paris is not always easy. Trust us, we know.

Here are three tried-and-true tips for saving euros in Paris. They’ll be old hat for some, but nonetheless bear repeating.

Eat in a park. If it’s nice out, always take your lunch in a manicured park. No matter where you are in Paris you will be in walking distance of both a boulangerie and a park. Put the two together et voila! romantic lunch on the cheap.

Drink early. If you’re going to drink, start doing so before the sun goes down. Once happy hour ends you’ll find yourself paying €10 for one measly pint. Even the poshest bars in Paris slice their cocktail prices in half in the late afternoon.

Eat off mealtime. Take advantage of special Sunday brunch or afternoon menus. The über-trendy Le Kong, with stunning views of the Pont Neuf and Seine-side Paris, offers a special menu from noon to 6 p.m., complete with hearty salads for €12.50 and a €9 omelette. Pas mal, eh?

So, to recap: eat lunch in the park, get drinks in the afternoon, and dine in the finest restaurants when nobody is there. Your bank account will thank you.

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Enchanted by maps at a young age, Michael's first voyages were of the unglamourous variety (think Florida, Subarus, and talking mice). It was in an Australian hostel, while sleeping on a bare mattress, that he discovered the value of quality budget travel. Following a six month sejour on Australia's Sunshine Coast, Michael finished his studies at Hunter College in New York and moved to Paris. In Paris, Mike edits and writes for The Paris Times and checks out cheap sleeps for EuroCheapo. When not walking the streets of Paris pretending to be Ernest Hemingway, Michael enjoys penning short stories and playing the didjeridoo.

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One thought on “Paris: Some Basic Tips”

  1. So basically, you eat on a bench – get completely trashed in the afternoon – and then rock up pissed to a posh establishment for a cheapo dins! Excellent!!!


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