Paris: The annual January sales kick off!

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Shoppers a la mode, photo by Ma Gali
Shoppers a la mode, photo by Ma Gali

Soldes to the Cheapo in Paris!

It’s that time of year again, Cheapos. Time for resolutions and those after holiday sales! Perhaps the best shopping, bar none, can always be found in Paris. But in January, true bargain-biased fashionistas hoping to pay less for more couture can enjoy five weeks of top-notch January sales as part of the annual Paris Soldes.

We blogged about the kick-off events on this occasion last year. This year, the same benefits apply.

Personal shoppers

Head to, pick your preference (trendy, classic, bohochic…), and find boutiques (like Paul Smith, Le Petit Bateau, and Stella McCartney) and department stores hosting sales, all laid out on colorful, interactive maps. You can also pick out special shopping itineraries customized to your own personal taste and shopping goals. Ooh la la!

And, for four special kick-off days, “Shopping By Paris” will be running special events in participating boutiques and around town. Check out the program. In addition, the Paris Tourism Office offers helpful “digi-guides” to the shops and the events taking place. Find more info here.

Did somebody say ‘paper or plastique‘?

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One thought on “Paris: The annual January sales kick off!”

  1. Wow, great article! I bet you there are some absolute jems to be had in those sales… i will research the matter further with my “plastique”!

    I work for Open House Spain and came across your blog when I was searching for info about Paris.

    If its ok by you I may make the odd comment or two on your blog in the future and tell my readers about your best articles, as I also write a blog;, feel free to comment on mine!




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