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Naturally, EuroCheapo’s Paris guide is devoted to finding the perfect budget hotels for your next visit to the city. However, if you’re in the mood for something a little more intime next time you visit, you might consider staying in a Parisian apartment.

We’re not talking about an apartment rental, mind you. We mean a real Paris apartment, inhabited by living and breathing Parisians.

Pour Vous Paris” is a friendly group of Parisians who have opened their apartments (and their extra bedrooms) to foreign travelers. Better yet, they’re enthusiastic about practicing their English, answering questions about their city, and even taking their guests on free walking tours of their neighborhoods. And the rooms tend to be cheap — from €45-60 for a single, and €55-70 for a double, depending on neighborhood and “comfort level.”

The group is not an agency and you pay your host directly upon arrival. However, you must pay an annual membership fee of €10 to join the program (€5 if under 26 years old). The apartment selection is small, so interested participants should book well in advance.

Even if you don’t spend the night with the group, anyone who joins the group can still participate in a range of free “Pour Vous Paris”-coordinated activities, such as shopping, conversational exchanges, and even picnics (just bring a picnic). For a fee, members can cook and dine with members, and even attend a “crepes party.” We’re so there.

More information:

“Pour Vous Paris” website

Message boards, in English and French

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4 thoughts on “Paris: Sleep in a Parisian apartment”

  1. There are a number of great agencies for finding apartments. I have used VRBO with great success for a number of different countries. Also Haven in Paris – though these apartments could never be considered “cheapo” – is great for a splurge vacation. Simply Google ‘Paris Apartments’ and you’ll soon be spending all day reviewing the merits of the different listings.

  2. Renting an apartment in Paris is definitely the way to go.

    I contacted several rental agencies all of which were impersonal and unresponsive. Then, I found Joanna Viltart at who helped me select a great apartment, returned phone calls promptly, answered questions, met me at the door on arrival, refunded the correct amount of my deposit with no hassle, etc. Also, the company has a great website and friendly staff.

    I haven’t communicated with Joanna since leaving Paris. But, finding A Part of Paris was the luckiest thing that happened to me in planning my trip. Good luck with your trip!
    (Steve in Colorado)

  3. Why bunk in a shabby hotel when you can sleep in a real Parisian apartment? I was thrilled last year to discover the genius of housing swaps. After quickly listing my apartment on Craigslist, I arranged to swap for a pretty apartment on the Left Bank. It was so easy!

    Apartments in Longview, Texas

  4. I am just reading about “Pour vous Paris” and would be very interested in this. My plan is to spend about 4 or 5 days in Paris arriving Apr 17 & leaving for Grenoble Apr 21. Any information would be appreciated.


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