Paris Turns City Billboards Into a Free Open-Air Art Exhibition

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Les Parisiens in Love
Drawings such as this one—featuring Parisians at work, at play and, yes, in love—are currently plastered on billboards throughout Paris. Illustration: Kanako (Via Mairie de Paris.)

Paris is famously impoverished of locals throughout the month of August. But this summer, city billboards are being used for the first time as the vehicles for a free, open-air exhibition spread throughout the city to pay homage to Parisians.

Until August 28, Les Parisiens features 48 whimsical illustrations by Kanako, the Japanese expat illustrator of My Little Paris. The drawings capture all manner of Parisians at work and at play, in love, in cafés, in the Métro, in the park, on their balconies, at the market and in other natural habitats.

The English- and French-captioned drawings are scattered on more than 1,000 Paris city billboards around Barbès, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Champs-Elysées.

Posters and postcards of the exhibition are on sale on the Parisiens website, where you can also click an interactive map of billboard locations.

Check out this teaser video from the Marie de Paris to get in the mood:

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