Photo Essay: The EuroCheapo and BootsnAll TBEX Party

More vuvuzela, Brooklyn Nomad!

12. Did anyone bring a vuvuzela?

Did anyone bring a vuvuzela?

13. Guests pictured: Michael with Sara and Bobby, hosts of the Crew Lounge podcast; Tom Meyers.

The UPGRD crew

14. Guests pictured: Jordana Lapidus and Mike Barish; Pete Meyers from EuroCheapo.

Jordana, Mike Barish and Pete Meyers

15. Guests pictured: Meredith Meyers from EuroCheapo, Jodi Ettenberg from

Meredith Meyers and Jodi Ettenberg

16. Guests pictured: Craig Zabransky, Paul Brady, Alexander Basek and Tom Meyers.

17. Guests pictured: David Farley, Kim Mance from GoGalavanting (and founder of TBEX), and Spud Hilton.

Farley, Kim Mance and Spud Hilton

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About the author: An Ohio native, Pete Meyers was bred on family road trips and the Beach Boys. When not working at EuroCheapo HQ in NYC, Pete likes to be found eating bouillabaisse anywhere in the south of France.
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