Portugal: Island Camping on the Algarve Coast

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Photo courtesy of blueflag.org
Photo courtesy of blueflag.org

The island of Tavira can be found just across the Spanish border in a rather isolated spot on the Algarve Coast. It lies just a few hundred metres off the beach, across from the former fishing village of the same name.

Accessible only by ferry, the island is little more than long stretches of Atlantic beaches, a few restaurants, beach bars, and plenty of camping sites, which can be rented out for €9.50 a night during high season (July and August).

While a little steep in comparison to most camping sites along the southern coast, the island’s back-to-basics vibe is worth the cost. No cars are allowed on Tavira, and for those who find bathing suits too constricting, naturism is openly practiced and accepted on the island.

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