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Czech Inn hostel Prague
Check-in at the Czech Inn, a sleek and stylish hostel option in Prague. Photos by EuroCheapo

There are many reasons why Prague is a Cheapo’s dream.  In the Czech capital, you’ll find a favorable exchange rate, you can eat like a (Bohemian) king, and pints of beer are cheaper than bottles of water in other cities. Yet there’s another reason why Prague stands out, especially when compared to some of the more expensive Western European cities (*cough* Paris *cough*): an abundance of great hostels.

That’s right, it’s not all hotels all the time here at EuroCheapo (just most of the time). We love to recommend hostels, as long as they’re clean, central, and have the option of booking a private room. And if they have a little bit of character, all the better. Prague has a bunch of properties that meet these criteria with flying colors.

So if you’re willing to step out of your hotel comfort zone, you might want to Czech, er, check out the following Prague hostels. (Note that each of these properties offers privates in addition to dorms.)

Czech Inn
Francouzska 76,10100 (Vinohrady)
Dorms from $15; Doubles from $64
Great for: hostel doubters

For anyone skeptical of trying a hostel in place of more traditional accommodation, the Czech Inn (bonus points for “Czech” puns!) would be a good place to start. Featuring privates and apartments in addition to dorms, the hostel has a sleek, artsy feel to match its location in the hip Vinohrady neighborhood.

Some nice touches (chandeliers, fancy showers) help the Czech Inn transcend typical expectations of budget sleeps. With a bar area and lobby that houses an art gallery, you may forget you’re in a hostel at all.

Prague Dlouha Hostel

The breakfast room at the Dlouha Hostel acts as a lively bar at night.

Dlouha Pension and Hostel

Dlouha 33,11000 (Stare Mesto)
Dorms from $17; Doubles from $44
Great for: party-seekers

Of course, not everyone wants to forget they’re in a hostel, and many are looking for certain elements associated with this breed of accommodation–namely, youthfulness and a place to party.

If that’s the case, the Dlouha Pension and Hostel would be a good choice. Its location on the lively Dlouha Street in Stare Mesto provides easy access to plenty of trendy nighttime hotspots.  The hostel itself isn’t just a snoozer either,  featuring a fun bar complete with foosball and a jukebox.  And while the furnishings are basic, this doesn’t seem to bother the hostel’s youthful clientele.

Hostel Sokol
Nosticova 2, Prague 1 (Mala Strana)
Dorms from $15; Doubles from $35
Great for: strict budgets

If all you need out of your hostel is a super-Cheapo sleep, the Hostel Sokol is your best bet.  The barracks-like accommodations are as plain as can be–but they’re clean, comfortable and bargain-bin cheap. As an added bonus, the ever-friendly Sokol provides a great Mala Strana location and a rooftop terrace with unbeatable views.

Hostel Tyn
Tynska 19, Praha 1 (Stare Mesto)
Dorms from $18; Doubles from $50
Great for: sightseers

In a neighborhood where hotel rates can make it seem more like you’re in London than Prague, the Hostel Tyn provides a breath of Cheapo fresh air.  While the furnishings and decor are fairly basic, the Tyn’s great rates and location (a stone’s throw from Old Town Square) are perfect for those who want to step right into Prague’s Gothic charm without feeling it in their wallets.

Sir Toby's Hostel garden

The garden at Sir Toby’s Hostel is a great place to hang out.

Sir Toby’s Hostel
Delnicka 24,17000 Prague 7 (Holešovice)
Dorms from $12; Doubles from $65
Great for: socializing

It may be a little out of city center, but Sir Toby’s Hostel in the up-and-coming Holešovice neighborhood provides enough laidback comfort to make up for a slightly longer hike to the main sights.

The hostel provides a home away from home, with funky dorm-room furnishings to complement hip common areas that include a cellar bar and delightful backyard garden.  All of this, plus a sociable staff, combines to make Sir Toby’s a great place to set up shop in Prague and make a few travel buddies.

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Your favorite hostels?

Have you stayed at any of these hostels? Or do you have other hostels in Prague you’d like to recommend?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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