Prague: An American bakery in Prague


Photo by oliviagiovetti

In Prague, you can get your fill of apple strudel at any sidewalk cafe. However, (especially if you’re in the Czech Republic long-term) no one will blame you for craving a giant soft-baked chocolate chip cookie. And expat Anne Feeley’s Bakeshop Praha (Kozi 1, just a block down from the Kafka statue) is just the place to find them, along with a wide range of other American-style baked goods (including bread that isn’t rye!).

The cheery shop, located near the Jewish Quarter, has a design that isn’t too far from Feeley’s Californian roots, warm with a retro, gee-whiz interior. The staff is oh-so-helpful, whether toasting your ham and cheese croissant (a delicious buttery sin) or bagging up a dozen scrumptious oatmeal raisin cookies to bring home.

While the shop makes for a nice afternoon pick-me-up, it is also the perfect locale for a quick, cheap lunch (their quiches are roughly CZK65/$2.00 and are so addictive they should be outlawed). If you have some extra time and extra money burning a hole in your pocket, Feeley’s sister restaurant Bakeshop Diner, is nearby in Mala Strana (next to the Charles Bridge) and offers up the full dining experience for a few extra Czech crowns.

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Growing up an avid reader of outdated guidebooks and listener of Joan Sutherland LPs, Olivia Giovetti has used her love for opera to foster her love of travel. The combination of the two has allowed her to see 99% of Europe and, living off a lavish arts income, heightened her ability to travel on the cheap. Her passport gets more play than Paris Hilton during Fleet Week. A freelance writer, her publishers include New York City Opera, Classic FM, The Laputan, and Paper Magazine.

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