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Letna beer garden Prague
Enjoying a beer with a view in Prague's Letna beer garden. Photo:

By Joann Plockova in Prague—

In a past post or two I’ve mentioned Prague’s beer gardens. Now that the season is upon us, it’s time to dedicate an entry to a few that offer not just excellent refreshment, but a wonderful view of the city as well.

Here are my favorite places in Prague to enjoy a delicious beer while taking in a breathtaking view:

Letenske sady (Letna Park), Prague 7 – Letna

From whichever direction you enter Letna park, the view never fails to inspire awe. As I’ve stated in a previous post dedicated to Prague’s green spaces, Letna is perched high above the city on a plane overlooking the Vltava River, with its succession of bridges, framed by the city’s stunning architecture. This view conjures up images of a Europe of long ago.

The beer garden hugs an edge of the park and encompasses 20 or so long wooden tables with benches. You purchase your beer from a small stall, where you can also stand at round tables and drink your golden brew with a plate of sausage, dark bread and hot mustard. They also offer some other snacks like chips and ice cream bars.

Seated at the benches, listening to the happy banter of others and staring out at the stunning view, day passes into evening almost without your awareness, as perfect moments always do.

Reigrovy Sady
Riegrovy Sady, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady
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One of Prague’s largest, the beer garden at Reigrovy Sady mixes the country’s national beverage with a lovely park setting.

After purchasing your beverage (at the stall at the garden’s entry), sit back at one of about 30 wooden tables and enjoy the cool and lush environment, thanks to the parks numerous trees. If you’re into sports, you can also watch the latest game on the beer garden’s large screen (if you’re not into sports, don’t worry, the screen is set in one corner of the large space, so it doesn’t prove to be a distraction).

Vysehrad beer garden

Vysehrad's beer garden. Photo: Finofilka

To experience the view–including rooftops of the city’s center and the castle in the distance, all framed by trees–find a patch of grass on the hill (located to the left when you’re standing outside the entrance to the garden) or sit on one of the benches just above it.

Vysehrad (Hospudka Na Hradbach)
V pevnosti 144, 128 00 Prague 2 – Vysehrad

Set within the grounds of one of Prague’s most magical settings, Hospudka Na Hradbach offers a stunning panorama of the city many visitors never get to see. To find your way there, look out for the dark spears of the Church of St. Peter and Paul, which nearly rivals Prague Castle as the dominate feature in the city’s skyline, and characterizes the entire Vysehrad neighborhood.

To best experience the view, sit down at one of the tables along the garden’s edges. If you’re not so lucky, opt for one of several tables within its center and then stroll over at your leisure. Along with beer, Na Hradbach offers a wide selection of food offerings.

To finish the evening or afternoon, walk the periphery of the area for more equally stunning views of Prague.

Parukarka Park, 130 00 Prague 3 – Zizkov

An off-the-beaten-path location well worth the trip, Parukarka sits atop a hill in Prague’s Zizkov district and offers nearly 360-degree views of the city. Although there are a few tables outside of the small pub, most people opt to sit in the grass just behind it. From there you can enjoy your beer with a view that includes a rooftop perspective of Zizkov, Prague’s TV tower, Vitkov National Memorial, and yes, Prague Castle in the distance.

To get there from the center, take the metro’s green line to the stop “Flora.” From there walk down the hill along “Jicinska” street (or catch tram number 5 to “Olsanske Namesti”). At the bottom of the hill, cross over the intersection, pass the bus stop and then head up the set of stairs directly in front of you. At the top, you’re at Parukarka.

Now sit back and sip in the view!

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Joann Plockova

About the author: Joann Plockova is a freelance journalist based in Prague. Her work is regularly featured in both print and online publications in the Czech Republic, the U.S. and U.K. To see what she's been up to visit her Web site.

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