Prague: Czech Beer Festival, May 12-28, offers 80 different brews


Czech Beer
Drink up! A frothy Czech beer by Lint01

By Joann Plockova in Prague—

Before living in Prague, I wasn’t much of a beer drinker. But with the quality of beer on tap in the Czech Republic, it was easy to become an aficionado.

Now in its fourth year, the upcoming Czech Beer Festival–offering free admission (down from last year’s 120 Kc entry fee!)–is an excellent way to sample some of the country’s finest brews.

The Czech Beer Festival

Featuring beers from regional brewers, micro-breweries and large breweries, the festival will offer the opportunity to taste 80 different beers! Along with drink, there’s also food to be had from the country’s best butchers, bakers and chefs. The event has a seating capacity of 10,000 in three large tents, each offering different beers, menus and live music entertainment.

The festival even has its own currency called the tolar, which is equal to 44 Kc (around $2.50). This may sound pricey, but the beers are served in half liter glass mugs! The minimum amount you can buy is a five-pack. Tolars will buy you both food and drink. All beers are priced the same at one tolar.

Getting there

Reservations aren’t necessary, but if you’re a large group it might be a good idea to reserve if you want to sit together. Otherwise, just hop on the metro and take the C line (red line) to Letnany. The PVA Letnany Exhibition Center, the festival’s location, is just a five-minute walk away, or take the free bus (#758). Enjoy!

PVA Letnany Exhibition Center
Beranových 667
199 00 Prague 9-Letnany, Czech Republic
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About the author

Joann Plockova

About the author: Joann Plockova is a freelance journalist based in Prague. Her work is regularly featured in both print and online publications in the Czech Republic, the U.S. and U.K. To see what she's been up to visit her Web site.

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