Prague: Drinks and a Movie


pretty with a parasol
photograph courtesy of urbanbandar

This week’s New York Post has the lowdown on Prague. There are some good tips for Cheapos in a teensy tiny sidebar, where a few writers recommended some “off the guidebook” places to eat, walk, and drink. Local fixture Jeff Koyen recommends Tretter’s, a chi-chi bar off Old Town Square.

Tretter’s is a great choice for visitors who want to feel like they are high rollers without splurging too much. Expensive, complicated drinks mixed by bartenders in lab coats top out at about $8, which is far more than what you’ll pay for beer in the city.

Consider the cost of the cocktail to be a ticket to a show. The show in question? Watching the very pretty ladies preen for the less attractive, yet infinitely wealthier men that drink there. It’s a million times better than a movie, and you can even make your own subtitles.

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