Prague Winter Survival: Escape to these Cinemas, Tearooms and Bookstores

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Globe Bookstore & Cafe Prague
Warming up at the Globe Bookstore & Cafe. Photo: Urbanfoodie33

By Joann Plockova in Prague—

It’s that time of year when Prague’s skies have turned gray and will stay that way for longer than most of us like. However, being the colorful city that it is—in terms of the variety of its activities options—Prague offers numerous ways to escape the gray and bring some color into your day.

Here are three ways I like to warm up in Prague:

1. Catch A Flick: Art house cinemas

Prague has its share of multiplex cinemas, but why not experience some great independent films in one of the city’s several small intimate art house theaters instead? Along with some wonderful interiors that only enhance the experience, many of the cinemas have adjoining bars and cafes where you can enjoy a beer or coffee before or after the show.

Films are from around the globe, so you can often find many in English or with English subtitles. Check Web sites for a program schedule. Prague’s art house cinemas include:

Kino Svetozor: Vodickova 41, Web site
Kino Evald: Narodni 28, Web site
Ponrepo – Bio Konvikt: Bartolomejska 11, Web site
Kino Mat: Karlovo namesti 19, Web site
Kino Aero: Biskupcova 31, Web site

2. Tea Houses: Take some tea

Unknown to many, there is a huge tea culture in Prague. With over 350 tearooms or cajovna, the Czech Republic boasts the largest concentration of tearooms in the world.

But they aren’t those stuffy, proper tearooms that might come to mind, but rather ones more influenced by Asian tearooms and in many cases combined with Prague’s laid-back ‘hippy-ish” vibe. Tea drinking is taken as an experience so you can hang out for several hours and enjoy the atmosphere.

Four tearooms I’d suggest would be:

Dobra Cajovna: Vaclavske Namesti 14, Web site
Amana Cajovna: Zahoranskeho 6
U Zeleneho Caje: Nerudova 19
Cajovna ve vezi: Na Vysinach 1

3. English-language Bookstores: Peruse a book

Prague is home to several English-language bookstores, which have been around for years and have become local institutions. Along with a strong selection of books, their intimate atmospheres in many cases include cafes and events. They’re a great place to meet other English-speaking travelers and while away several hours.

Globe Bookstore & Cafe: Pstrossova 6, Web site
Shakespeare and Sons: U Luzickeho Seminare 10, Web site
Big Ben Bookshop: Mala Stupartska 5, Web site

There are also several large bookstores on Wenceslas Square with a selection of English-language books

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Joann Plockova

About the author: Joann Plockova is a freelance journalist based in Prague. Her work is regularly featured in both print and online publications in the Czech Republic, the U.S. and U.K. To see what she's been up to visit her Web site.

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