Red Hot Venice


In EuroCheapo’s most recent survey, Venice came in a close second place in the Most Romantic City in Europe stakes.

In point of fact, it’s close to freezing for Valentine’s Day and throughout the whole of Carnival. Cold may be romantic in the mountains, but in Venice? Freezing weather gets in the way of gondola fantasies, among other things.

You can sort of understand the local tendency to drink during the cold weather. While public drunkenness is a rarity in Italy in general, the mid-February/Carnival period provides an exception to the rule. Carnival means barrels of steaming hot of Vin Brulè at kiosks around Venice. Vin Brulè is regional red wine boiled to perfection with cinnamon, cloves, and sugar.

Bottoms up.

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Annie Shapero was born and raised in the cosmopolitan oasis of Columbia, Missouri. A call to the big city brought her to Chicago, where she pursued a degree at DePaul University's theatre conservatory. Four years of "rigorous, professional" training and a minor in Italian language led her to her next destination: Rome, a city of natural born tragedians with a flair for comedy. There she put her dreams of Broadway stardom on hold and took up a wild series of careers (including "marketing strategist" for an edible Egyptian insecticide). Eventually, she found her niche: writing for "WHERE Magazine Rome." When not in Rome, Annie hops about the Mediterranean, indulging in the local gastronomic and dance traditions. Ole´!

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