Rome: 3 Bars that serve up great views


View from the Vittoriano Monument in Rome, Italy
A view of the Roman Forum from the Vittoriano Monument. Photo by LostBob Photos.

There are a 101 places in Rome where you could kick back your feet, relax and reminisce over drinks. But not every café will serve up your cocktails with breathtaking views of the Ancient City.

Many of the most jaw-dropping vistas have been taken over by Rome’s most exclusive hotels, yet there are still a few rooftop gems scattered about the city accessible to Cheapos. The following watering holes on high are definitely worth your while—and they won’t cost you a fortune.

Caffeteria Italia
Via di San Pietro in Carcere
Telephone: 06 6780664

No other place in Rome boasts panoramic views like the terrace of the Vittoriano Monument in Piazza Venezia. True, it will take you nearly 200 steps to schlep to the top of the “Wedding Cake” monument where the “Terrazza delle Quadrighe” (Terrace of the Four-Horse Chariots) is located. But the real treat is the lovely café located on its lower terrace.

Stop in on your way up to enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the views of the Roman Forum and much of the historic center. Alternatively, for those who can’t handle the stairs, there are two glass elevators that will take you to the very top for €7.

Cafe Chiostro
Via della Pace, 26 (behind Piazza Navona)
Telephone: 06 68809035 int.26
Closed Mondays
Web site

Tucked away like a little secret on the second floor of the Chiostro del Bramante church and convent, this charming café offers visitors drinks, coffee and tea at tables overlooking the beautiful cloister. If you decide to pop in for a drink, you’ll have to make it an early one, as the cafeteria closes at 7:30 pm.

Aperol spritz

Aperol spritz. Photo by jlastras.

Il Fontanone Cocktail Bar del Gianicolo
Via Garibaldi, 35
Telephone: 334 5282284
Closed in the winter
Web site

Tourists flock to the top of the Gianicolo (Janiculum Hill) to get a snapshot of the domes and monuments that dot the Eternal City’s skyline.

After you’ve taken in the picture-perfect view, head to the trendy cocktail bar and enjoy an early evening aperitivo or an after-dinner drink. Aperitivos are usually served from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., and the price (€10-€20) includes delicious snacks.

Summer Drink Tip: Aperol Spritz

A good Italian cocktail to try during the spring and summer months is an Aperol Spritz. It contains Aperol, a bitter orange alcoholic soda, white wine and sparkling water.

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Nicole Arriaga

About the author: After her first trip to the Bel Paese in 1999, Nicole Arriaga knew she would one day return permanently in search of the good life. Before moving to Rome in 2003, Nicole worked as a TV producer and a writer in sunny Miami. She has written for Fodor’s, Insight Guides, The American and various other travel publications. She currently works as a freelance writer and as a programs coordinator for a study abroad organization in Rome.

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