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Don't be afraid to dig a little to find vintage clothes that work for you. Photo: StevendePolo
Don't be afraid to dig a little to find vintage clothes that work for you. Photo: StevendePolo

By Sarah Tighe in Rome—

There are some drawbacks to shopping for vintage threads in Rome. The vintage shops can be inconsistently priced and home to impressive amounts of dust. But there are advantages too – look hard enough between the tightly packed shelves and you’ll find some really interesting pieces – often designer.

Want to look like Fonzie from “Happy Days”? The vintage shops in Rome are particularly good for vintage leather goods such as jackets and shoes. Italy is a huge producer of leather goods – so leather handbags and belts are also a good value (although you can pick up new stuff at pretty good prices, too).

Best of all, you’ll only really be competing with other hip tourists like yourself, as Italians don’t tend to trawl vintage shops, preferring new to old.

Here are four great vintage clothing stores in Rome to get you started. Happy hunting!

Second Chance
Via Sardegna, 57
Tel: 06 42 02 08 53
Web site:

Just off Via Veneto, Second Chance sells only vintage luxury items – Chanel, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Tiffany and Co., etc. It’s a bit of an undiscovered gem (I recently happened upon it entirely by accident) – an unpretentious shop packed full of really high quality stuff.

Some of the prices will make you swoon, but there are genuine bargains to be had and everything is immaculately preserved (the handbags are in excellent condition). This is high-class vintage, kids.

Via del Governo Vecchio 45
Tel: 06 683 2945

Cinzia’s is where you’ll find a pointy vintage bra from the 1950’s next to a pair of Mexican cowboy boots. Nestled in a cobbled lane a five-minute walk from Piazza Navona, Cinzia’s is lots of fun to browse. You literally never know what you’re going to find wedged between sunglasses and tap dancing shoes.

Afterwards, stroll along to Piazza Navona and celebrate your new (probably unusual) purchase with a couple of scoops of gelato.

Via di San Francesco a Ripa 105A, Trastevere
Tel: 06 31050610
Web site:

Twice is located in the Trastevere area of Rome, just off Viale Trastevere. Twice sells fun 1960’s and 1970’s dresses, as well as cute vintage designer pieces from labels like Moschino and Prada. The prices aren’t rock bottom – but they’re really reasonable. If you’re in the Trastevere area, it’s worth popping in and checking out what’s new.

Omero & Cecilia – Vestiti Vecchi
Via Del Governo Vecchio
Tel: 06 683 3506

Omero & Cecilia is a curious little shop – it’s so packed with stuff it’s hard to know where to start. The name of the shop “Vestiti Vecchi” literally translates as “old clothes.” This kind of says it all: You’re probably not going to find a vintage Chanel here, but then again, maybe you will.

Omero & Cecilia is located on the same street as Cinzia’s – so you could definitely explore both shops in the same afternoon before cruising along to bar for an aperitivo.

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Sarah Tighe is a Rome-based writer getting fat on pasta and loving it. When she’s not eating somewhere in the Eternal City, she’s busy studying a masters of journalism (but thinking about food).

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