Rome: Affordable wine bars in central Rome

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Friends hanging out at La Vineria, in Rome.
Friends hanging out at La Vineria, in Rome.

Rome—It’s Friday night and you’re in the mood to grab a few drinks at a cool spot with some friends. Where can you find the right “vibe” without putting a dent in your wallet? Where can you sample delicious local wines? Step this way…

Campo de’ Fiori: La Vineria

A delightful watering hole overlooking the charming Campo de’ Fiori, the cosy “La Vineria” (photo, above) has a warm and inviting feel that attracts a friendly international crowd. La Vineria offers a good selection of wines, with prices starting at €1.50 for drinks in the bar and €2.50-€3 for drinks outside at a table on the famous square. The bar features a daily selection of wines available to try by the glass.

With good vino and a central address, La Vineria is an easy and enjoyable place to relax (and get a little buzz).

Address: Campo de’ Fiori. 15 Campo de’ Fiori. Tel 06 6880 3268.

1970's-era football memorabilia at the San Calisto.

1970’s-era football memorabilia at the San Calisto.

Trastevere: Bar San Calisto

The San Calisto, located on the Piazza San Calisto in Trastevere, has character, a bit of a reputation, and feels edgier than your normal Roman bar. The décor inside seems stuck in the 1970’s. Decades-old football posters featuring stars of the past adorn the walls, and the furniture has a retro quality.

The San Calisto is mostly a coffee shop during the day, but in the evening locals (and those in the know) pack inside, enticed by cheap drinks. Becks, Bud, Peroni and gin and tonics are yours for €2-2.50 a pop.

Most guests grab a drink before snagging a seat outside, or wander off into the Piazza Santa Maria.

Trastevere. Piazza San Calisto.

Lots of wine at the Enoteca Cavour.

Lots of wine at the Enoteca Cavour.

Near the Forum: Enoteca Cavour

Enoteca Cavour offers an extensive wine and drinks menu, great food, reasonable prices, and friendly service. Whatever your drink of choice, from Earl Grey to a Pilsner Urquell, you can find it, although wine is the main attraction. Glasses start at €3 and bottles at €13.

Happily, we can also recommend the food at Enoteca Cavour. House specialities include the tasty cheese and salami platter, fine salads, and exquisite desserts.

The décor is modern and stylish, yet comfortable. It’s this mix that attracts locals and a smattering of “in the know” tourists.

Via Cavour 313. Tel: 06 678 5496

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About the author: Sav D’Souza is a freelance journalist currently based in Rome. He has worked as a journalist in Hawaii, Prague, and London and contributed features to the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, SA Sports Illustrated, Prague Post and CNBC Europe. He is a demon pool player, enjoys a round of golf, playing poker, and the occasional gin and tonic.

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  1. Very useful article but I would like to know if it is accurate anymore though? I would love to read an update!
    Recommending places in internet tend to attract tourists over the years, rise the prices or even lower the quality. Hopefully not in this case!


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