Rome Cheap Eat: Panificio Firenze


Pizza in Rome

Looking for a delicious, super-cheap meal in central Rome?

Local hot-spot Panificio Firenze, a tasty joint serving as grocery store (alimentari), bakery (panificio) and deli (salumi), has been delighting locals with fresh breads, meats, and cheeses since 1929. At lunch time it’s as busy and chaotic as the trading floor at the stock exchange.

Choose your meats wisely!

Made to order

Follow these simple steps for Panini perfection:

1) If the place is super busy, pull a ticket from the machine by the front door. Wait for your number to show up on the display overhead.

2) Choose your filling from a range of delicious fresh meats and cheeses on display. Watch as the goods get weighed.

3) Pay a reasonable price for your taste sensation. Enjoy!

Crusty rolls and fresh breads, too!

Crusty rolls and fresh breads, too!

My personal favorite? The prosciutto and mozzarella on flatbread (focaccia), warmed in the oven for a minute or two… bellissimo! The roasted pork sandwiches served in crusty rolls occasionally make an appearance, and are devilishly tasty, too.

Another great bet is Panificio’s mini pizzas. Just out of the oven, they are divine. Locals like to eat them cut down the middle and folded. The cost for this delight will only set you back €1.50.

A cornucopia of different types of freshly baked bread is always on display. From crusty rolls to sublime focaccia, the panificio (baker) also offers up a good assortment of biscuits and pastries. In addition, Panificio is the perfect place to pop in for picnic provisions like finely sliced Mortadella or Bresola.

It's easy to walk by...

It’s easy to walk by…

Know before you go

It can be a little tricky to find, as there isn’t any sign hanging out front. Panificio Firenze is located just off Via Nazionale (Piazza Republica end) at 51-52 Via Firenze, Rome. The closest metro is Republica.

Panificio is open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM, on Saturdays until 2 PM, and is closed on Sundays. (Tel: 06-488-5035)

About the author

About the author: Sav D’Souza is a freelance journalist currently based in Rome. He has worked as a journalist in Hawaii, Prague, and London and contributed features to the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, SA Sports Illustrated, Prague Post and CNBC Europe. He is a demon pool player, enjoys a round of golf, playing poker, and the occasional gin and tonic.

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  1. Cate,

    oh no! Really? Can’t believe it. I used to live in an apartment a couple of doors away from the place. It was still there in 2009 and thriving. I talked to the owner and he said there had been a place there since 1929! What a shame.


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