Rome: Eataly opens its largest gourmet food shop yet


A dining area in Rome's new Eataly grocery store and restaurant. Photo: kartellpeople
A dining area in Rome's new Eataly grocery store and restaurant. Photo: kartellpeople

Foodies take note – a gourmet paradise has recently opened in Rome.

Eataly, the world’s largest wine and food market has set up shop in a disused air terminal a short walk from Piramide Metro station (Metro B). There are a couple of other Eataly’s around the world (including one in NYC), but the one in Rome (at 170,000 square feet) is by far the largest. It is spread over four generous levels, with 23 different eateries, cooking classes, onsite beer making and 14,000 products (the majority of them Italian) for sale.

Snack your way through Italy

The thing I like most about Eataly is that you can literally spend hours perusing the produce and picking up edible souvenirs. The owners (known for their appreciation for the slow food movement) stock specialty brands of oils and wines and chocolates from remote parts of Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia) that are almost impossible to find in ordinary supermarkets. They also do great fresh bread, seafood and even make their own cheese on site.

While there is no shortage of excellent places to eat in the eternal city, few match the convenience of Eataly’s hub of restaurants. Clustered on the second floor of the ultra modern building, visitors have a pick of high quality pizza, pasta, fresh and fried seafood and meat dishes.

Eataly isn’t particularly cheap – a plate of pasta and a drink for €15- 20. However it’s worth visiting if you want a deeper understanding of Italian foods and ingredients or want an interesting experience in a city celebrated for its food and wine.


Getting to Eataly is a bit tricky, as it’s a little out of the center of the city. I recommend taking the Metro from Termini (Line B) to Piramide (it’s four stops). From there, head on foot (about 10 minutes) through the underpass that goes directly to Eataly.

Eataly – Air Terminal Ostiense
Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
Opening time 10 am – 12 am daily
06 90279201

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Sarah Tighe is a Rome-based writer getting fat on pasta and loving it. When she’s not eating somewhere in the Eternal City, she’s busy studying a masters of journalism (but thinking about food).

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