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Rome: Meet people (and drink wine) with Friends in Rome


Socializing at a Roman bar. Photo by tkellyphoto.
Socializing at a Roman bar. Photo by tkellyphoto.

Heading to Rome but don’t know anybody in town? We recently found out about a cool organization that connects you with locals and other travelers in the Eternal City.

Active since 2008, Friends in Rome is a social group that caters to both Romans and tourists. Participants attend meet-ups to chat, have a drink, or even practice their foreign language skills.

The group holds affordable events at different bars in the city. Pay a cover charge of €8-10, and you’ll get snacks, a drink, and a night full of socializing. Friends in Rome also offers walking tours of the city, in addition to film nights and Italian classes. Check the website for the schedule and more info.

If you plan to make it to an event, make sure to RVSP ahead of time, as there is often a limit on how many people can attend.

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5 Responses to “Rome: Meet people (and drink wine) with Friends in Rome”

Loren says:

I’m in Rome for 2 months and would love to meet new people!

ron says:

I will be in Rome on December 20th – 28th meeting people is always good.

Elisha says:

Im in Rome for graduate studies and would like to meet people while Im here.

Gem says:

In Rome in 2nd week of Dec, meeting people is always good

victor says:

I’m in Rome since last two weeks. I love meeting new people. I’m always looking for you all ! Just notify me

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