Ronda’s Little Lettuce

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He’s waiting to take your order
photograph courtesy of Christopher Coats

It can be difficult to find the right balance of cheap and delicious in the middle of Ronda, southern Spain’s plateau-set birthplace of bull fighting. With a city center overrun by lousy tourist menus, Ronda’s culinary selection can strike discerning Cheapos as limited.

Hungry budget diners with a penchant for local attitude should be delighted by Bar El Lechuguita. A small, smoky corner bar not far from the city’s Puente Nueva (New Bridge), El Lechuguita has a lengthy menu of local tapas for under €1 apiece, including their signature dish—a thick cut of a head of lettuce soaked in oil, vinegar and garlic. Don’t ask what else is in the dish. The endearingly rude duo who work at El L every night except Sunday won’t tell you.

Don’t bark orders at the waiters. They’ll ignore you. The bar long ago did away with traditional bar etiquette by printing their menu on small pads scattered across the bar. Pick one up, check off what you want and and hand it over along with a drink request.

El Lechuguita opens at 9:00 each night but Sunday. Arrive early as the crowds are usually waiting outside before the doors open. If you’ve got a strong stomach, try the chorizo cooked in wine.

El Lechuguita is located at Los Remedios 35.

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