NYC to London for $13? Ryanair prepares for U.S. takeoff!

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Ryanair hits the skies!

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Pack your neck pillows, blankets and bring your ear plugs, Cheapos, because Ryanair is coming to the United States!

Our friends at the Budget Travel blog tipped us off that Ryanair just announced it will begin offering flights from Dublin and London Stansted to the U.S. starting at about $13 each way, taxes not included.  U.S. cities expected to be included are New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and take-off is anticipated sometime in 2009.  Ryanair is also expected to announce the acquisition of over 50 additional aircrafts, purchased from its cash-strapped rivals. All of this will help Ryanair support its upcoming additional U.S. routes.

We’ve written before about the ups and downs of flying Ryanair, but these were typically limited to flights of 2 to 3 hours.  A Ryanair flight from New York to London’s Stansted airport is a different beast all together, but in the current economic times this could be a welcomed option for budget travelers.

Tell us, Cheapos, what do you think about Ryanair’s announcement?

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27 thoughts on “NYC to London for $13? Ryanair prepares for U.S. takeoff!”

  1. RyanAir what are you still doing.. get those flights out across the pond… Fed up paying a lot and getting bad service any way. i would rather pay RyanAir go cheap and enjoy my time at the destination. If RyanAir start this flight, as an Expat i will fly every month to UK :), just for the sake of a good pint ?

  2. RyanAir and other cheep airline services in Europe are is better than most of the money minting airline services in US. Now-a-days even in US all the airline are charging for your luggage, onboard snakes and meals. In future they start charging for water and peeing in the plane.
    Flight attendants in all domestic planes are fat old ladies who drag their feet to move. They look at the passengers like beggars as though they are doing big favor just by throwing a glass of water or dirty coke.
    In US domestic airlines should stop feeding the politicians and concentrate on their customers.
    In US we need luxury and service but not by paying 10 times what they really deserve.

  3. My family flew Ryanair 3 years ago. The 4 of us flew from London to Dublin – Dublin to Glasgow and Glasgow back to London – $360 total – that was $20.00 per flight per person, tax included. The flights were prompt and pleasurable. I believe all the negative publicity Ryanair get’s is prompted by it’s competition. I look forward to them coming to the U.S. I will not hesitate to fly with them. Their planes are not a bunch of crop-dusters as some would have you believe. They have the newest fleet of airplanes of their counter-parts. It is a no-frills flight but well worth it if you are money conscious. If money is no object, I recommend British Airways.

  4. Does any one know when they will start the service from LON to NY? I am looking forward to flying with Ryanair. They are great! Cheap and ON TIME!

  5. Today you can fly with airlingus and you come to Dublin….

    They have good prices i hopes that i can go with Ryanair to US very soon. For 2 moth ago my dad had a return ticket to London with 2 friends for a total of $300 including 3 persons trainticket to London and back to airport. And they have one mig suitecase, that they checked in.


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