Salzburg Christmas Markets: A few of our favorite things

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A traditional Christmas market stall in Salzburg, Austria. (Photo courtesy of nojich)
A traditional Christmas market stall in Salzburg, Austria. (Photo courtesy of nojich)

Carriage rides, outdoor concerts, ice skating, and hand-painted egg ornaments are just some of the things that get the champagne flowing around here during the holiday season. Salzburg has all that and more when it comes to their Christmas fest.

Take a look at photos we hunted down of recent festive happenings at the Salzburg Christmas markets. These are truly a few of our favorite things…

Hand-painted egg ornaments

Hundreds of thousands of hand-painted egg tree ornaments are available at the annual Christmas markets. The fragile gems come in various patterns and designs, but traditional holiday symbols, like poinsettias and ivy, seem to be the most popular.

Photo courtesy of jon gos)

Photo courtesy of minwoo)

Santa Clauses on the march!

Photo courtesy of Savannah Grandfather

Ok, who doesn’t love a good Santa costume, especially when it’s a legitimate throwback to another era entirely, and worn by an enthusiastic teenage boy? (Or is that Harry Potter?) Bonus points if you can figure out what he’s handing out. Anyone want a coupon for a shave?

Carriage rides through the streets of Salzburg!

Photo courtesy of Savannah Grandfather

Horses and garland, and riding, OH MY! We love that Salzburg dresses up its carriages just in time for Santa’s sleigh ride.

Tell us, Cheapos: What are your favorite things about Salzburg Christmas markets?

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7 thoughts on “Salzburg Christmas Markets: A few of our favorite things”

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  3. Photos are really excellent. The tradition and ambiance of Salzburg’s Christmas market make an ideal setting to start off the Christmas season. Every year visitors are enchanted by the charm of Cathedral Square.

    The atmosphere was great, lovely Christmas Trees with lights everywhere the horses and carriages adding to the festive scene. Hot Gluhwein, Grostl and lots of other goodies …


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