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Photo by Miranda Siegel
Photo by Miranda Siegel

Wondering how we captured this excellent sky-high view over Salzburg?

We didn’t climb Mönchsberg, the mountain from which we snapped the photo. Instead, we entered a building in Museumsplatz, pressed a button the size of a dog’s paw, and took a bizarre James Bond-ish elevator straight up through the mountain rock.

Mönchsberg stands approximately 523 meters high and forms a fitting backdrop for the spires of the Altstadt. It provides a quick escape from the Altstadt’s tourist-congested bowels on a summer day, and offers a host of afternoon diversions. Numerous hiking paths, outdoor sculptures and installations, and a huge panoramic terrace are among the delights.

The mountaintop is also home to the second component of Museum der Moderne, the first of which—Rupertinum—can be found in the Altstadt. The gray, box-like museum, designed by the Münich architect firm Friedrich Hoff Zwink, is visible from the ground and showcases contemporary international art. It can be accessed for an additional €8.

Tickets for the Mönchsbergsaufzug (Mönchsberg Lift) are €2.90 roundtrip and €1.80 one-way. If you’re feeling particularly frugal (and energetic) you can reach the top of Mönschberg from the stairs at Toscaninihof in about 15 minutes.

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