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photograph courtesy of currybet
photograph courtesy of currybet

Our ongoing quest for a “scene” in touristy Salzburg brought us to a music venue in residential Schallmoos, just north of Kapuzinerberg: Rockhouse.

At first we were dorked out the rock of the Kapuzinerberg, to be precise. Giant wire-covered rocks adorned the lawn out front, while the entrance gave way to a cavernous space defined by its craggy walls. Kids festooned with punk studs slouched around tables drinking beer. On the mainstage, a local band was covering System of a Down’s “We’re on Drugs” to a crowd squealing “Innsbruck! Innsbruck!” Guess someone was from Innsbruck.

On the other side of the entrance, techno throbbed in a torpedo-shaped bar crowded with an artsier set.

ARGEKultur this was not—and without a restaurant serving Knödel, it never could be—but at least we’d found another spot where the Salzburg scene lives. Rock out.

Editor’s note: Check out Miranda’s previous post on the rock scene in Salzburg.

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