Serbia: Decadent Desserts at Hotel Moskva

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Photo courtesy of  Sunnia Ko
Photo courtesy of Sunnia Ko

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable place to rest your feet after shopping or just looking for the perfect sweet to cap off a hearty meal, in the Balkan capital of Belgrade, those in need of a sugar fix need look no further than Hotel Moskva’s Café (café entrance is Teraczie 20; open 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. daily).

With its ideal location on central Teraczie, historic Hotel Moskva’s Café tantalizes with a mind-boggling selection of sweets. Cheapos with a sweet tooth ought to take note: the Hotel Moskva houses its own confectionary complete with award-wining products, so there is no shortage of sugar here.

Our favorite was the torta (DIN150/$2.50/€1.80). This slice of heaven took the form of white cake with chocolate, cherry and cream filling, topped off by a heavy dose of sinfully rich “sweet cream,” which, incidentally, seems omnipresent in Cafe Moskva’s long selection of house desserts.

You’ll want to order up a Vienna café (DIN160/$2.65/€2) to help cut the richness of your torta.

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