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A matador and his bull in Seville, Spain: photo courtesy of bullcreek
A matador and his bull in Seville, Spain: photo courtesy of bullcreek

Not for the faint of heart, a bullfight in Seville can mean edge-of-your-seat excitement and thrills. For Cheapos, the feeling is similar to finding an inexpensive – or free – European souvenir. So, once you’ve taken in some flamenco and eaten all the tapas you can handle for a day, we recommend you pick up a personalized poster commemorating the controversial Andalusian sport of bullfighting. That ain’t no bull!

Take home prize for bullies-

The violent dance between man and bull has been a custom since prehistoric times, when its beginnings were linked to bull worship and sacrifice. Spain put their footprint on the sport in 1726. Francisco Romero was the first matador (torero) to publicly fight a bull (toro) without riding an animal for assistance. Soon, fancy equestrians were replaced by commoners on foot.

The easiest and safest way to be a bullfighter, without exactly throwing yourself into the ring, is to purchase a personalized bullfighting poster, touting your own name. Stroll up and down Tetuan and Sierpes Streets for a picturesque walk, and to track down posters and flamenco trinkets. Look for the words, Tu Nombre Aqui, on sample posters and put ‘Your Name Here.’ Prices start at €7.

If it’s a real fight you’re after, check out Plaza de Toros’ web site for bullfight schedules.

While you’re at it…

Grab anything with a bull and go. Napkins, beer coasters, pamphlets, ticket stubs. Little items that seem trivial while on the road take on a whole new meaning miles from the bullring. Ole!

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