Seville: Free flamenco dancing (for a drink)

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Flamenco dancing has its roots in the gypsy barrio of Seville. So, if this Southern Spanish city is on your travel itinerary, you’d better take yourself to a baile! Flamenco performances are offered all over Seville and typically take place in tablaos, which are restaurants or bars that charge admission for the show. It is possible, however, to catch a flamenco show for the price of a drink alone.

Free flamenco in Seville (for a drink)

La Carboneria is a hot spot located in the Barrio Santa Cruz, a neighborhood known for its free flamenco shows. Although dismissed by some as a tourist trap, La Carboneria will have you tapping your feet as the dancers stomp to the beat. Its energy is infectious. When the weather is warm, you can take in the free show on La Carboneria’s outdoor patio (tapas and drinks not included).

La Carboneria is open daily, excluding Mondays, from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. For more information, go here.

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One thought on “Seville: Free flamenco dancing (for a drink)”

  1. This is amazing! I love flamenco, but it’s so hard to find inexpensive shows. I can really imagine myself frequenting flamenco shows in Seville if I lived there, especially if they only cost one drink! For me, it is such a powerful, emotional dance — and even better when enjoying it on an open patio, with some refreshments and some good friends.

    When in Seville at the beginning of the year, I went to a great flamenco show in Seville, but it cost “un ojo de la cara”, along with the tapas and drinks. I have also been to a few in Granada, in the south of Spain. I recommend to anyone that is traveling to the south of Spain to check out a flamenco show. Next time I am in Seville, I will have to check out La Carboneria myself. Thanks!


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