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Seville's Cathedral is free on Sundays
Seville's Cathedral is free on Sundays

Although Seville is a fraction of the size of Madrid and Barcelona, the southern Spanish city is packed with attractions. Seville boasts world-class art museums, historic palaces, picturesque neighborhoods, and an awe-inspiring cathedral.

Conveniently, most of these attractions are located in the city center, within walking distance of each other. And best of all, several have free admission.

We recently put together a list of our “Top 10 Seville Attractions” in our Seville city guide, and found the following attractions offered free admission daily, or at least at some point during the week:

Top free attractions in Seville

1. Catedral de Sevilla/Giralda Tower — The entrance fee is €7 for adults and €2 for children and students, however stop Admission is €5 for the first floor, €8 for both floors, and an extra €5 for the gardens! However, on Tuesday afternoons the whole shebang is free from 1-5 PM.

3. Archivo de las Indias — Admission to this priceless collection of rare documents is always free!

4. Museo de Bellas Artes — One of Spain’s best art museums, second only to Madrid’s Prado. Admission is only €1.50, and free for visitors with an EU passport.

5. Alcázar — A ticket to the palace will cost €7, but students always get in free.

Want more? See all 10 top attractions in Seville, with complete descriptions, hours, prices, and budget tips for when to get for free!

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  1. We’ve been to Seville inspring this year, but only for one day so – of your suggestions – the only thing we got to see were Plaza de España – it was gorgeous architecture and the mosaic pieces very beautiful. A magnificent building. There are lots of horse carriages around there too giving the right atmosphere :-)


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