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Pete walking in the London Tube

It’s hard to describe the sheer DIY-joy that comes with understanding a new city’s subway or metro system. In some cases – take Budapest, for example – cracking the subway code might be a fun exercise rather than an economic or geographic imperative. You hop on, hop off, and buy a ticket (if you’re a good, honest Cheapo). Though, be warned: When last in town, we didn’t see the automated kiosk’s “English language” option. So, after spending close to 30-minutes testing our Hungarian, we bought the wrong tickets! And, yes, we got busted.

On the other hand – London anyone? – getting a grip on public transportation is a crucial step to enjoying a pricey, expansive city without having to dig into the money belt and pony up the pounds. In these situations, showing off your fluency in subway-speak, whether it be Tube, Metro, Underground or other, is a requirement and can admittedly be a bit of a time consuming and anxiety-inducing task.

Don’t know your Oyster card from your Strippenkart? Don’t despair! is here to help.

About The Site provides immediate access, in the form of maps, time tables and more, to the subways of the world. Want to know how to get from Centraal Station in Amsterdam to Flevopark? Simply click on the user-friendly atlas on the homepage, visit the Amsterdam section, and check out the map. Next, choose up to three route possibilities.

Want to click through public transportation information for Paris, London, Rome and every other major metropolitan city in Europe? Hop on! Have you forgotten what subway line the Malostranska stop is on in Prague? Czech! (The answer is the A line.)

Why We Like It

In addition to’s comprehensive directory of subway maps throughout Europe (and other regions, too), it’s their route finder that gets us particularly jazzed up. While it may seem a tad clunky at first, the tool lets you type in departure and arrival subway stations (or select them on a map) and search for the best direct routes and the estimated travel time. If you’re dealing with a fairly complex subway system like Paris, this is a big help, especially when looking to travel between airports and city centers to save a few euros.

For example, we searched for the best route between Charles De Gaulle Etoile and Gare de l’Est and were told, within a nanosecond (seriously), the journey would take 25 minutes and require one transfer. The whole experience took less than a few minutes and was about as smooth as a Parisian poodle’s coat.

The route finder makes printing off your journeys a snap too. Fold them up, take the subway with confidence, and enjoy the ride. Better yet, browse each individual city page’s links to local transport authority Websites and information, helpful spots (local post offices, major tourist sights) and addresses and fare information when available.

We’re all aboard!

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About the author: An Ohio native, Pete Meyers was bred on family road trips and the Beach Boys. When not working at EuroCheapo HQ in NYC, Pete likes to be found eating bouillabaisse anywhere in the south of France.

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