Stockholm Cheap Eat: Fried herring on hard bread

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The scene at Nystekt Strömming near Slussen Station. Photo by sebilden.
The scene at Nystekt Strömming near Slussen Station. Photo by sebilden.

Just outside of the Slussen subway station on Södermalmstorg is a small trailer selling fried fish on hard bread. Not convinced yet, Cheapos? Well, it just happens to be one of the best lunch deals in all of Stockholm.

Knäckis at Nystekt Strömming

Throughout Stockholm, Nystekt Strömming is known as a great place to grab a quick lunch or an afternoon snack. (The beautiful view of the water doesn’t hurt, either.) The food is simple, consisting mainly of fried herring on various forms of bread.

The classic, and very Swedish, main attraction is the “knäckis”—fried herring with cucumber and red onions on hard bread, called “knäckebröd” in Swedish. The knäckis will run you about 30 SEK (around $4.50), and you’ll have to wait a few minutes because they fry your food to order.

Most locals like to wash down fried herring with a beer or maybe even a Swedish schnapps. Staying true to its budget roots and sidewalk-cart feel, Nystekt Strömming only offers cans of soda and, of course, coffee. Instead of a beer, try a Ramlösa, sparkling water from southern Sweden.

Tip: Take in the Baltic Sea with your sandwich

For an authentic Swedish experience, order a herring sandwich, grab a seat at a table next to the cart or one of the benches in the square, and enjoy the scenery. Not only will you be staring out towards the Baltic Sea, but Södermalmstorg is also a great spot for watching Stockholmers going about their daily lives.


To get there, take the red or green metro line to Slussen. Despite the potential for late night snacking (especially considering the number of bars just up the street on popular Götgatan), Nystekt Strömming has relatively limited opening hours. Stop by during the week from 10 AM-6 PM or on the weekend from 11 AM-4 PM. Make sure to bring cash, as no cards are accepted.

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About the author: Marcus Cederström was born in Sweden and moved to the US just before his sixth birthday. After 17 years in the US, Marcus moved back to Sweden. His daily adventures and musings are chronicled in his blog, A Swedish American in Sweden.

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