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A pair of Swedish mittens!

When it comes to fighting off cold weather, the Swedes have it covered (not to mention their ears and toes). After you’ve spent the day marveling at the Stockholm Cathedral or checking out the Royal Palace, get your mitts on a set of lovika mittens!

Old fashioned

Nomads from northern Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula created clothing to stay warm and to communicate who they were. The Sami people have long been known for donning brightly designed clothes for all occasions.  Today, you can buy many variations of their original fashions, in the form of shawls, sweaters, and boots.

Fashion forward

Perhaps the easiest go-to accessory to pack and bring home from Stockholm is a pair of “lovika” mittens, made of the wool of the same name. The yarn is ideal for both wet and cold conditions.

Check out the narrow streets of Gamla Stan for handicrafts and popular souvenirs. Specifically, the main strip in Stockholm’s Old Town, Vasterlanggatan, boasts plenty of shopping and vendors. But, we suggest hitting side streets which pay lower rents and will offer, therefore, cheaper accoutrements. Prices start at $15 USD at popular discount shops like H&M and can go up to $80 USD for more high quality handmade mittens, sold at boutiques in the area.

While you’re at it…

Catch a school of Swedish fish candy! They provide a sweet treat for the hungry sharks back home. Malaco, the originator of the gummy candy, manufactures their own breed sold only in Sweden; less sweet and more fruit flavored than the fish sold elsewhere.

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