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Oh, la, la… Yesterday saw the publication of the New York Times travel section‘s annual “Affordable Europe” edition. Our favorite pieces:

Paris Chic, on the Cheap
Elaine Siolino offers 12 suggestions for “romantic and inexpensive hotels in Paris.” Romantic, yes. Inexpensive? Well, we all have different definitions of “cheap.” Most of these are in the €120-€140 range. Congrats to one of our faves, Hotel de Nice, for making the list.

Budget Hotel Chain Packs a Lot Into a Small Space
Qbic, a 75-foot self-contained bedroom “pod,” could be the next accommodation craze to sweep Europe. At €39 a night, we’re interested.

Adventures in Low-Cost Travel
Matt Gross, the Times’ “Frugal Traveler,” jets around Europe on all of our faves—from Air Berlin to WizzAir.

Who Needs Venice When Zagreb (or Bruges…) Beckons?
Gisela Williams suggests four “second-tier cities” as alternatives to much more expensive tourist mainstays like Paris and London. Included: Valencia (in lieu of Barcelona), Naples (replacing Rome), Zagreb (instead of Vienna), and Bruges (the Amsterdam of Flanders.)

As Hotel Prices Rise, a Villa May be a Bargain
The “Practical Traveler” column presents the economic benefits of renting a villa instead of a hotel room. Among the tips: book independently; stay away from Tuscany; and travel off-season.

On a Budget in London? Think Small
London gets pricier with every passing day. Jane Perlez offers six suggestions for eating affordably—focusing on restaurants that offer tapas and small “grazing” menus. We were psyched to see one of our favorites on the list, namely the delectable dungeon also known as Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese!

In the Eternal City, Priceless Art for No Price at All
A compendium of Roman art galleries, museums, and churches where masterpieces (and some contemporary work) are on display for free.

36 Hours: Dublin
A day and a half of pints, lit history, and more pints.

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  1. Many, many years ago (i.e., 30-40) I would see packages to different cities in Europe (and elsewhere). These packages would typically be for a duration of about 2 weeks, and cover about 4 cities:e.g., London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels. The price of about $700 per person would include roundtrip airfare from New York, hotel rooms, transfers from airports, and a half-day tour of each city. I’m guessing the $700 fare has increased somewhat–think? My question is this:Does the kind of package I described still exist, and if so, who sponsors it? I had Paris, Berlin, and one or two other cities in mind. Thank you for your help.


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