Tarifa Redux: Pick A Color, Any Color

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Photo by david_fisher
Photo by david_fisher

Tarifa, perched on the southern tip of Spain, is a major windsurfing center. We’ve shared our take on a top budget-friendly Tarifa hotel in the past. Now we’re expanding the network. Read on.

Misiana is another standout on the Tarifa hotel scene. It is not only one of the town’s more stylish (and affordable) places to bed down, but it’s also home to one of the wind-blown peninsula’s most popular bars. Closed for most of 2006 for a grand refurbishment, the hotel’s many rooms are brought to life with a range of color schemes as well as arts and crafts drawn from the town’s many shops and boutiques.

Misiana—now open for the summer months—is conveniently set in the heart of Tarifa’s church square. While a square-side room offers the best view, be prepared to deal with the dull roar of town’s activity if you end up with one. Breakfast is included and is served in the towering hotel’s ground-floor lounge. As night falls, the lounge turns into an ideal locale for a drink or people-watching.

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