Tarifa’s La Estrella

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photograph courtesy of Marcus_H
photograph courtesy of Marcus_H

Chain hotels seem to all but disappear from the landscape somewhere south of Algeciras, allowing one-off, small, personal lodges to fill the gap throughout Spain’s southernmost tip region. Many of these small hotels have surprisingly low rates even in the high season, which stretches (more or less) from late May until October.

In Tarifa—a town known for its windsurfing and its Moorish walls—one stand-out is La Estrella, a ten-room hotel in the city’s historic area just a few minutes up from the main plaza. Rooms are large and well-appointed. The friendly place is run by a ridiculously chill couple who have decorated the whole place in star-themed decorations they’ve picked up on their travels in Morocco.

Relaxed, clean, and charming, La Estrella is a great alternative to the over-priced and frankly uninspired chains that dot most of the coast. And with doubles beginning at €45 in low season, La Estrella is also quite a bargain.

More on low-cost Costa lodging in the coming weeks.

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