Taste Of London: Delectable Culinary Fest

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Photo by hedgiecc
Photo by hedgiecc

Taste of London runs from June 21 through June 24, 2007. Stop by and sample a whole lotta London grub in Regent’s Park. Don’t miss The F Word Live, the Beer Masterclass, the Times Chef tent, or any of the other fun culinary attractions. Ticket prices offend your Cheapo blood? Remember all the food you’re getting. Enter to win VIP passes plus the chance to meet Gordon Ramsay.

From Angela Hartnett (Ramsay’s old understudy) to Fifteen (Jamie Oliver‘s place), Mocoto (new Brazilian haunt), Rhodes 24, Scott’s, Tom Aikens, and many more, this festival allows us Cheapos to nibble the otherwise prohibitively expensive high-end London fare.

We’ll be there filling up, and we’d bet our last quid that there’ll be freebies.

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