The Euro-Strange Express Makes Multiple Stops

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If off-beat news sources are any indication, a bizarre air stream hit Europe near the end of last week. The resultant hurricane of oddities just isn’t letting up.

Last Thursday morning Swiss troops accidentally invaded Liechtenstein. Whoops! Their bad. Thankfully, the brothers in the principality were all cool with it.

On Saturday, parents in Bari, Italy intentionally beat up a grade school principal and made no apologies for their actions.

On Sunday, Dutch nudists let off a little steam at a gym in Heteren.

On Monday morning, Maria Delores Ramos, a 77-year-old mother of seven, got run over by a train in northern Portugal. She suffered no injuries and lived to tell the story.

What’s next?

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En junio 2000, Kari moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and never looked back...until she ran out of pesos. After another round of bank riots, the travel lady bug moved to more stable financial ground: Wall Street. (Hey, no laughing!) Currently the Listings Manager for Over There Interactive for cold, hard cash, she is also a co-author of The Maneater Murder Mystery Series and Venue Goddess for Lit Crawl NYC.

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