The scoop on Berlin’s best ice cream

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Berlin ice cream
Berlin's ice cream scene is cool year-round. Photo: Mary and the Baby Cheeses

It may be just starting to warm up, but that doesn’t stop Berliners from regularly indulging in a few scoops of German gelato. Italian ice creams followed Germany’s first guest workers from their homes in Italy and today “gelaterias” exist in even the smallest towns across the country.

While they may never meet the selection or the quality of a Florentine gelateria, Berlin’s best ice cream makers are making their mark by focusing on quality organic and local ingredients for their hand-crafted ices.

Here are three of my favorites places to get scooped, each within easy striking distance of some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods and attractions.

Caffe e Gelato
Potsdamer Platz Arkaden shopping center
S/U-Potsdamer Platz

My favorite location for ice cream in the city, not only because it’s conveniently located when sightseeing or shopping, but also because their ice cream is (in my humble opinion) the best. Regularly offering more than 30 different flavors, they also serve sugar-, lactose-, and gluten-free varieties for those with dietary restrictions. Grab a spot in line for a scoop (or three) from the counter, or take a seat in their expansive cafe area and check out their full menu of fancy ice cream sundaes. Open late every day of the week.

Vanille & Marille
Hagelberger Str. 1

While V&M has three locations throughout the city, the shop near Mehringdamm is located between Mustafa’s Kebap stand and Curry 36 on the one side and the Kreuzberg restaurant and bar strip in the Bergmannstrasse on the other. Early afternoon, the sidewalk in front is lined with kids and parents on their way home from kindergarten or school.

Berlin Homemade Icecream
Elßholzstraße 10
U-Kleistpark or U-Eisenacher Str.

A short stroll from Schöneberg’s Wittenbergplatz, it’s also a great way to finish a dinner at one of the many restaurants in the nearby Akazienstrasse (see our post from Oct. 8).  Grab yourself a cup or cone and follow the locals across the street to Kleistpark to enjoy your ice cream en plein air.

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  1. These sound fabulous! I didn’t need another reason to check out Berlin, but now I just have to try Caffe e Gelato. Thanks for the tips.


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