Thursday List: Jersey, SkyEurope, Maps, Garden Plots

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It’s Thursday. Read up.

1. Tourism is on the rise in Jersey. Bookings on the Channel Island in May, 2007 were up 25 percent over May, 2006 bookings. Clearly Jersey Tourism‘s UK television campaign is paying off.

2. SkyEurope is hawking a bunch of €39 all inclusive one-way fares. The fare sale period stretches from July 2 through October 28. Promo fares can be booked until midnight (Central European timezone) on July 8.

3. We’re very curious about BelleAir, the airline that flies to and from Tirana from 14 airports in Italy. We also wonder why their route map appears to refigure Europe politically, ignoring last year’s Serbia-Montenegro split and, more bizarrely, turning Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria into one massive new country.

4. When the weather heats up, as it is currently doing, our minds turn to those tiny garden-and-hut plots so often sighted from behind windows of trains zipping from city to city throughout German-speaking Europe. Typically located on the outskirts of cities, a Kleingarten or Schrebergarten plot provides a way for people of average means to grow vegetables and fruit, get some fresh air, and relax. What a glorious solution to the stresses of urban life. Check out this description of the Schrebergarten phenomenon.

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