UK: Starship Enterprise inside Leicestershire Flat

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Photograph by Schmorpheus
Photograph by Schmorpheus

Star Date: 2007

Captain’s Log: A member of the Enterprise crew has detected a replica of my commanding station in a little town called Hinckley in Leicestershire, England on planet Earth.

A single man, who goes by the name Tony Alleyne, appears to be living in a replica of the Enterprise “Bridge” remodeled from what was once a residential flat. Navigational controls, transporters, and even swivel chairs have been built to resemble our own.

Alleyne, frequently seen dressed in clothing resembling my Starfleet uniform, appears friendly. However, he has recently announced to the British press that he intends to sell the replica of the Bridge on Ebay for $200,000. (Apparently his wife left him in 1995, around the time the main control console was completed.)

I am sending down Counselor and Empath Deanna Troi, both to assess Alleyne’s intentions and provide emotional assistance should the Earth-bound Captain Picard need it.

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