Venice Campground: 4 places to pitch your tent

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Camping Fusina Venice
A cheapo night in Camping Fusina, near Venice. Photo: Robin Van Mourik

By Monica Cesarato in Venice—

The high season is fast approaching in Venice—a city that’s delightful to visit during the spring and summer. High season hotel rates, however, aren’t quite so delightful. One easy way to save money on sleeping is to pitch a tent or rent a bungalow in one of the nearby campgrounds.

While there are no campsites in Venice’s historic center, there are four campgrounds located on the outskirts of the city, all connected by bus services to Venice. All are surrounded by nature, so after a busy day in Venice, they make an ideal place to relax.

Camping Serenissima
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Pros: Surrounded by trees and very quiet. Located within easy reach of Venice.
Cons: Full of mosquitoes in summer.

This campsite is situated along the Riviera del Brenta just outside mainland Venice, on the road that connects Padova to Venice. The area is famous for its historic villas that reflect the splendor and power of Venice at its height.

The campsite covers a flat grassy area of 20,000 square meters, and is well-shaded by trees and bushes. The bus stop is located just outside the front entrance and there is a regular bus service to the city every half hour.

The services offered by Camping Sesenissima include a bar/pizzeria/restaurant, a mini market, satellite TV, laundry, guest kitchen with stove, camper service, baby room, hot water, free electric connections, bathroom for disable people, a playground, ping-pong tables, bike rentals, telephones and bus tickets to Venice and Padua. They also offer accommodation for those lodging in mobile homes and caravans.

Camping Venezia
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Perks: Surrounded by trees; close to Venice.
Downside: Full of mosquitoes in summer.

Camping Venezia is the nearest campsite to Venice. The city is reachable in five minutes by bus, and the bus stop is located 100 meters from the campsite. Buses (#5 and #19) run every 15 minutes and stop in Venice’s Piazzale Roma. The campground is located inside a natural park.

Camperservices, including electrical and water hookups, are available. The “village” inside the campsite offers 50 rooms within “country-style” mobile home accommodation. Guests can have a comfortable and relaxing stay, while remaining in touch with nature.

The site offers a restaurant, TV, laundry service, parking, telephones, toilets and showers, ATMs, night guardian, possibility for guests to spend the night, excursion service, free Wi-Fi service, bus tickets to Venice, bar service and a shop.

Camping Fusina
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Perks: Overlooking the lagoon and quick ferry ride to Venice.
Downside: Quite far from the nearest town and located next to Porto Marghera (the city’s chemical plant).

The Camping Fusina Tourist Village is situated at the mouth of the Brenta River facing the city of Venice. The campsite is surrounded by trees and bushes overlooking the beautiful lagoon. It’s open all year and is connected to Venice by an hourly ferry service (20-minute ride) and by bus. It’s an ideal base for excursions to Venice, Lido, the Palladian Villas of the Brenta River, Padova and Treviso.

The campground, situated on the edge of the city’s lagoon, offers a restaurant, pizzeria, beer garden, disco, mini market, gym, children’s playground, Internet and Wi-Fi access, ATM, satellite TV, bicycle rental, laundry and ferry service to Venice, the islands and Alberoni beach. In addition to shady and powered camping sites there is a range of accommodation for mobile homes and caravans.

Camping Alba D’Oro
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Perks: Overlooks the lagoon, just across from Venice Casino and on the main route to Jesolo Beach.
Downside: Located next to the airport, so there’s some noise. Also, there’s no night bus, so you must be back quite early in the evening.

Camping Village Alba D’Oro is situated directly across the lagoon, next to Marco Polo airport. The campground can be reached by a shuttle bus (15-minute ride during summer). The campsite is located in a spacious natural setting and offers a wide variety of accommodation types, including facilities for mobile homes and caravans. The campground also offers a swimming pool, fitness area, supermarket, restaurant and night club.

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  1. There are plenty of beautiful places for camping around Lido de Jesolo, especially off season. Feel free to check on the gorgeous natural surrounding with beautiful pinewoods and lovely seashore panoramas.

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