Venice: Save on vaporetto tickets with a Tourist Travel Card


A Vaporetto pulling into station. Photo: Tom Meyers
A Vaporetto pulling into station. Photo: Tom Meyers

Transportation around Venice can be very expensive—and I’m not even talking about using water taxis, which have a pricing system (yikes!) of their own. I am talking about “public transportation,” which in Venice mostly means taking the vaporetti (water bus) up and down the Grand Canal.

A single trip on a vaporetto costs €7, whether you take the boat for one stop or for a whole Grand Canal tour. Fortunately, however, there is a system designed for tourists that will help you save some serious money.

Tourist Travel Cards

In recent years ACTV (Venice’s bus and boat system) realized that they had to come up with a tourist transportation card, so they created seven different types of “tourist travel cards,” each valid for a different period of time.

Travel cards are available for:

One Day: €20
Two Days: €30
Three Days: €40
Seven Days: €60

There is also a three-day youth card (for people between 18-29 years old) that costs €18, and seven-day cards that go for €60. (Prices are accurate as of April 2015. Visit the ACTV website for current prices.)

With these travel cards you can hop on and off any vaporetto (including those to the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello) and on all buses traveling within the city of Venice (including to Mestre and Marco Polo Airport). These cards eliminate the need to queue every time to buy a ticket and to carry change with you.

The tickets are not exactly cheap, but considering you have unlimited use of the transport system, they are well worth it. Just think how much it would cost you if you wanted to visit Murano-Burano and Torcello and you had to pay for each single trip.

Venice Vaporetto

Vaporetto line #8 cruising down the Canale di San Marco. Photo: Michael Day

Where to buy Tourist transportation tickets

You can buy these transport passes at any vaporetto stop (there are usually ticket offices at the stops, otherwise you can buy on board and they almost always speaks English), in Piazzale Roma (in the ACTV ticket office), or in any tobacco shop that displays the “ACTV” sign. Here’s a full list of ticket offices.

Tip: Consider Venezia Unica City Pass

In 2009, the Comune di Venezia introduced a combined card, City Pass Venezia Unica, for transport, museums, parking, and even Wi-Fi connections and access to public toilets. The prices vary, because you can create your custom combination, depending on your needs during your trip. However, you can save you up to 29% on a variety of museum passes. The savings varies depending on the period (low season, high season, special events, etc.).

Unfortunately, the card can only be purchased online and must be purchased more than two days before your arrival date in Venice. So the earlier you book it, the greater the saving. Since there is an initial cost just to buy the card, this pass is ideal for frequent visitors or those coming for a longer stay. For more information and to buy a card, visit the official website.

Note: This article was update on April 21, 2015 with new prices, information, and photos.

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61 thoughts on “Venice: Save on vaporetto tickets with a Tourist Travel Card”

  1. Hello
    My husband & I will be arriving by train into Santa Lucia from Santa Mestre station on 23 May leaving 24May 2015. We plan to see San Marco( St. Marks, Doges Palace, Florian, Gondola Ride( Santa Maria del Giglio Square- Center Venice) as well as Murano/ Burano/ Torcello. Can you please tell us the best unlimited pass for our stay?? We are staying across from Mestre Station. Thank you so much!
    Robert & Debra

    1. Hello,

      You might want to get the two day pass, depending on if you arrive in the morning of the 23rd and leave on the afternoon of the 24th. This will give you unlimited access to all Venice public transportation, including the ferries.

  2. Hi, I need help. I will be reaching Venice on 31st July by marco polo airport and then we will take train to florence. We will return to Venice on 1st Aug and stay there for two days. We have return flight on 2nd Aug night. I was planning to buy 36 hour pass for Venice along with airport transfer. But since I need airport transfers on 31st and 2nd Aug but Venice card for 1st and 2nd Aug, is it possible to get this. Please help.

  3. Ciao Monica,

    I’m travelling to Venice from 26 Oct till 2 Nov with my husband and three children. We will need a travel pass for 8 consecutive days. I worked out that if we buy a 7-day ACTV travel card for 50€ and we add 7€ for one vaporetto trip to the station the last day, that’s a total of 57€ per person.

    But then I saw that you can buy a monthly pass for 30€ for the vaporetti only (we don’t need buses anyway). These passes seem to be valid from 1st day to last day of the month – so we could use them from 26-31 Oct, and even with a couple of extra tickets, this would work out cheaper that the 7-day travel card.

    So my questions are: can anyone buy a monthly travel card or do you need to be a resident? Do you need a photo? And can you still buy a monthly card on 26th of the month? Can you buy it upon arrival at Santa Lucia railway station?

    Grazie mille!

  4. Thank you very much, Monica!
    You are very kind taking the time to answer all us tourist :)
    Kind regards,

  5. Hello,

    I would like to ask if the 7day ACTV pass is valid also from and to Lido. The description states “getting around Venice and the islands Murano, Burano and Torcello”.
    Thank you in advance!

  6. Hello All,

    could someone clarify a few things for me.

    I(29 yrs) and my husband (32 yrs)are travelling to venice on 28th aug eve at santa lucia railway station ,31st afternoon is our return journey.we booked our room at Via Stazione, Ballo’ di Mirano.It takes 25-30 min from san lucia railway station.can any one tell me what type of card is suitable for us for these three days.And We are also planning to see Murano,Burano,torcellono islands.
    2) if i take rolling venice card what all commutation can i use & is it valid for the above islands?
    3)and can we buy discount 72 hr card for my husband with my rolling venice card?

    what type of card is best for both of us to travel together.
    & we also prefer to walk for near by places.

    I am totally confused with the cards.pls help me.
    Thanks in Advance

  7. I have searched through the Q &A and apologise if you have been asked this before, My friend and I are arriving november 11th and departing 14th have been looking at purchasing a 72 hour Tourist travel card ACTV+ Airport transfer bus return understand that it will be activated on first use approx 3pm arrival, but we do not need to be at airport till 5pm on return, will it still be valid? and do we have to purchase 2 or can we use just the one ticket ,

  8. Hi

    I am travelling to venice via Ryan air on Sat staying on the lido.

    I understand AVTP operate a bus for Ryan air but takes 60 mins but also read another one that uses Motorway takes 30 mins and around the same price and pay on bus.

    Can i but the waterpasses at airport or online…going till ties 28th so best to get 72 hr? or just get when arrive..just need to know whta the easiest way to do please..

    get off at Pzle roam and get Vaporetta to lido?

    Any advice appreciated



  9. My decade-long vaporetto experience is as follows: 1.Cards and passes are NOT available at every stop, only the major stops that have ticket booths, which are separate from the embarcaderi (landing stages). 2. Where there is no booth you must buy a ticket aboard, and seek out the agent yourself right away. If HE has to come to YOU, you risk a whopping fine. 3. The longer the pass the better the deal; you’ll use it more. 4. For time-based passes (12 hrs to one week) bought in Venice not online, the clock starts when you first USE the pass; thereafter you ‘validates’ it at the machine for each trip. 4. If you buy a short-duration pass, plan your voyaging to fit within the hours allotted. 5. Also consider walking. Venice is amazingly small. 6. Avoid the No. 1 vaporetto whenever possible, especially to/from Pzle Roma and the train station: it’s the most crowded, the most uncomfortable and the slowest. So locate your lodgings on Google Maps, then go to the ACTV site and find the stop that’s closest. Often enough it’s on a faster, less-crowded boat. 7. By close scrutiny of Google’s Venice or other map you can often find a simpler route to/from your lodgings–one that will avoid as many bridges as possible. You’ll want to do that if you’ve got luggage, and most people I see in Venice are hauling staggering amounts of the stuff. I always bring my folding kayak to Venice; it’s quite a load. So one year while renting behind Santa Maria Formosa I was able to find a boat that would stop at Ospedale and a route from there (I dubbed it the Few Bridges Road) that required only 2 canal crossings. 8. If there’s any time left on your pass when you leave, give it to an incoming tourist. 9. The traghetti that cross the Grand Canal are officially six or so in number, but a couple seem to operate but seldom and all, I think, shut down at 1830. Last fare I paid was I euro. If you have sea legs, stand up, as Venetians do. 10. There are two airports buses. One the yellow cheap city bus; it makes multi stops en route. The other is blue private and nonstop. It costs twice as much as the yellow, but heavy luggage and the need for speed can make it worthwhile. I use the blue bus coming in because I can go direct from the arrivals hall to the bus, buy a ticket and be on my way in a few minutes. Buying tix for the yellow bus can involved interminable waits on endless lines. Suppose two Airbus380s arrive simultaneously? You’re dead, that’s what. 11. Monica makes a good analogy: the pass is like a cheap non-refundable air ticket; use it or lose it.

    Special to Emanuel: Don’t worry about being suspected of cheating on the bus. Just show your pass to the machine to let everyone know you’re making the effort. I haven’t run into this problem–or maybe I just haven’t noticed because I wave the pass and move on. The inspectors probably know all about this, and if they stop you, looking at your pass will show that it’s still valid and the fault is with the machine. If anything, at least a few passengers will think you’re an amateur: after, cheating ACTV is a hobby and a sport for many Venetians.

    Special to Gerry: Somehow your request got lost in the blizzard of misunderstandings re various vaporetto cards. Fortunately the peerless Monica has got it all cleared up. Anyway, in case there’s still time: skip the expensive Grand Canal tour; the No. 1 vaporetto will take you from train/bus arrival to St. Mark’s at a slow pace, giving you time to see everything from the boat itself exc. the Bridge of Sighs, which is just a few feet to the right of the landing stage. Your hotel is undoubtedly NOT 10 minutes away on foot especially for first-timers, more especially for those encumbered with luggage. So: after clearing customs and immigration, go into the arrivals hall and turn left to find the ACTV bus/vaporetto ticket booth. If there’s a long line then just go out the front and buy a ticket on the blue bus. Arriving at Pzle Roma go to the vaporetto area; from the top of the stairs you’ll be able to see several landing stages and ticket booths. Pick the booth besieged by the smallest mob–it’s usually one well off to the left–and buy your pass there.

  10. Emanuel Mazzitelli

    Thank you Moinica for your time and valuable suggestions. My wife and I have used the Venice Tourist Travel Card (x 7 days). I must admit we found it very useful and we used it a great deal. It saves you money considering that a each trip on the vaporetto would have cost us Euro 14.
    My only complain is that while we did not have any problem validating our tickets on the vaporetto IMOB scanner we had problem validating them on the bus as the scanner would not read them. I went to the Hellovenezia Office and was told that I had nothing to worry about as the tickets were also valid for the buses and that it was a problem of the validating machines on the Venezia buses. I was also told that this was a common problem for the Venezia travel cards bougt online.
    Our only concern was that we felt embarassed that people on the bus might think we were evading the ticket cost of the bus. I hope that the ACTV company would look into this and have those IMOB scanners on the buses properly adjusted.

  11. Monica deserves much praise for her time and patience-the english idiom would be “she deserves a medal”
    Bravo Monica

    1. Don’t worry, us locals have the same problems too with our monthly tickets! ACTV knows about it but they have not done anything about it! You know you paid for the ticket, so do not worry about what others might think!

  12. This is the text on the Terms and Condition page of

    ” Right of withdrawal

    The user acknowledges that venice>connected offers services that cannot be considered “tourist packages” under and by the operation of Consumer Law, but must instead be understood as public transport and associated recreational services, to be performed on a given date or during a specific period. Therefore, the user accepts and acknowledges that following the conclusion of the contract, he or she cannot exercise any right of withdrawal as the circumstances whereby such a right can be excluded, pursuant to article 55, subsection 1, letter b) of the Consumer Law are deemed to apply.”

    from this I understand that it works like a standard cheap airline ticket if you cancel, you loose your money. Therefore it is better to book a few days before arrival, rather than a long time ahead. In any case if you take out travel insurance, i assume this will be covered, but you better check first with the travel insurance.

    Regards Monica

  13. Emanuel Mazzitelli

    Hi Monica I have one question for you. What happens if say you order two 7 days transport cards (which would cost Euro 100) online and eventually cancel your trip? Will the cost of the tickets be refunded, that is will the money be credited to your credit card?

  14. I am tryingto purchase 3 ACTV/vaporetto passes for 72 hours (39 euro) for Venice and one rolling venice card so that my 17 year old can buy a fourth 72 hour card for 18 euro. Can you help me with this? (We have one child who is 17 and the other child is 10, I dont think there s a discount for him, correct? So I would like to puchase 3 regular and one student. My email is

  15. Monica, I’ve visited Venice annually for the last 4 years for a week to 11 days and have always bought ACTV passes to cover the time of my visit. I have always been told–and found it to be true–that the clock starts NOT when you buy or pick up the pass but when you first USE it. That is, when you first ‘validate’ it by holding it up against the middle of the little iMOB box that is prominently displayed at every vaporetto stop (resulting in a BEEP and a green light–and a red light when your time has expired. The ACTV pass also covers the Marco Polo airport bus (the bright yellow No 5; don’t know about Treviso). I think the bus validation is at a box on board but I’m fuzzy on that detail because lately I’ve used the blue bus that stops right in front of the No 5 at the airport (don’t recall its name or company)–5 euros one way, 9 r/t. Worth it for me because it’s a fast nonstop, has luggage stowage underneath (which I usually need) and because you can buy tickets from a machine at the bus stop rather than wait on the long line for ACTV tix in the terminal. The machine takes bills in a little poorly marked slot at the bottom. Then I buy my ACTV pass at the boat stop off Piazzale Roma.

    The blue bus TO MArco Polo is also good insurance because it travels on a main road. Two years ago my wife was on a No. 5 that was held up for several hours by a demonstration: streets were blockaded after a pedestrian was run down by a reckless driver. The whole busload missed their flights.

    Shun the Alilaguna boats: it’s a long hike from terminal to boarding; it’s very expensive; and it’s very slow. Also, Alilaguna’s free tours may be included but noo one needs a tour of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

    I use caffe toilets exclusively, always buying something at the small ones owned by individuals rather the the big ones that belong to corporations.

    There are 2 left-luggage offices–deposito bagagli. One in the train station is expensive and slow; the one at the back of Piazzale Roma is cheap and quick. Can’t recall the name but it’s opposite where the buses make the turn INTO Pzle Roma.

    It’s odd to see people saying that ‘don’t know where that street is.’ Yeesh: if they can find this website surely they can find Google Maps? This is important because not knowing your hotel’s exact location can cost you a fortune. This last trip I ran into a couple who paid a crippling sum for a water taxi to the Palazzo Giovanelli, a hotel on the Grand Canal, because they didn’t know vaporetto No. 1 stops at San Stae–about 100 feet away.

    Maps? All maps of Venice are bad and some are worse. Expect to get lost and learn to enjoy it.

  16. Dejavue Travel

    I read on venice connected – that children under 6 can use vaparetto with 2 paying adults. Do they really know if someone is under six = maybe that just turned six with 4 paying adults?

  17. as far as I know you can buy al card online in one go and you can definetely share the toilte pass. To be honest though i would not buy the toilet pass. use toilets in bars, it is free as long as you get something from the bar, ciaooo

  18. Connected Card, Online Purchase Questions:

    1. Should I book each persons card separately?
    2. Can the public restroom passes be shared? (If I buy 10 passes, can I use 5 and my wife use the other five.) Or must I buy each person a card?


  19. As far as I know you can only buy the rolling card from the Hello Venezia offices in Venice (Piazzale Roma, Tronchetto, San Marco, Santa Lucia train station) and via Verdi is far away from the train station.

    you cannot book ahead, because you need to show the rolling card when you purchase it. You will have to purchase all from the tickets offices in Venice, sorry

    1. Hi monica,

      thanks alot for your reply. So, as far as I understood, I can buy the rolling card and a 3 day transport card from the same office, say in Piazzale Roma… is that right? and the price will be 4+18=22 euro?

  20. Hello All,

    could someone clarify a few things for me.

    1. Is it possible to buy Rolling Venice Card in Mestre (somewhere near the train station)? I have tried to look it up on hellovenezia site, but the only ticket office in Mestre seems to be Mestre Via Verdi ( I have no idea where it is located!).

    2. Then if I want to get a 3 day transport card (for 18 euro), can i book it ahead or it can only be bought after purchasing Rolling Venice card when in Venice?

    Thanks in advance,

  21. I will be arriving in Venice by the 10:40 pm train from Milan, Can you please advise the following:
    1, Do the water buses operate 24 hours? If not, from what time to what time?
    2. Where can I buy water bus ticket at that time of night?
    3. If I buy on-line, will the computer printout be acceptable by the water bus operator or do I have to exchange it for tickets? And if required, where can it be exchanged at that time of night (around 11pm)?
    Thanks in anticipation

  22. Could you tell me, please, whether the Venice Connected card for the vaporetto also covers the bus to and from Treviso Airport? Coming in October, by which time Treviso will be open again! Many thanks

  23. Do children travel free? till what age? i am travelling with my 10 and 15 year old nieces. What is the best travel card for them?

  24. I did purchase the vaporetto pass online prior to arrival. I found out when I went to pick it up that their computers were down, they sent me to a self serve machine down the road, very difficult to understand, went back to the Pavillion, and was told (wrongly) how to use it. Went back again, and the very ticked off person who worked at the Pavillion finally went with me, begrudgingly. She states she was not angry with me, although she acted angry with me, she was angry because “this happens all the time”. Not worth the savings to me. Next time I will purchase my pass when I get there.

  25. 1- If you buy the card on line you will get a reference number whic you must print and when you get to Venice you have to go to the Venice Connected office with that reference number and they will give you your ticket/card (see my previous comments)
    2- The card starts running from the moment you collect it at the office in Venice (see my previous comments)


  26. 1. If I buy Veniceconnected card online, will I download it from my home computer or do I pick it up in Venice when I arrive? 2. If I buy this card on my computer before I leave home, will the clock start to run at time of online purchase?

  27. Hi eveyrone, i am from Switzerland .. please pardoned my english….we are planning to Visit venice from Marco Polo airport going to the city and our hotel is 10 minutes walk to San Marco Square…..can anyone advice if i really need to buy the Grand Canal tour which is £35 very expensive compare Venice vaporetto 36-Hour Travel Card which is £20 only…. i want to pass the Rialto bridge and grand canal as well as the bridge of sigh…how will i do or how do i start my boat ride since i am in San Marco/saint mark’s Square going to those place i mentioned….Please can anyone give me the best tips because my money is budgeted…i want to walk also passing the bridge of sigh…. how will i pass? it is allowed to pass in the brdige of sigh? i want to visit also the doge’s palace and the campanile bell tower? where can i buy tickets and how much? and please can anyone recommend me a routine since i want only to consume my 36 hours ticket? and planning to buy a museums pass ( all civic museum)…. is museum pass incluced for the campanile bell tower? please please please help.. thank you….i hope you can give me a nice routine travelling by Vaporetto so that i might buy anymore the grand canal tour? thank you very much..

  28. Mary Prada Vaiani

    My concern, is that I had to book to pick up the next day after I arrive. I’m going to Dorsoduro by water taxi, will I have to buy a vaporetto ticket to go pick up my Veniceconnected card? Where in San Marco can it be picked up. I know it says at the Venice Pavillion but am not sure where that is and when I google it, can’t find it. Thanks for your helps

  29. The Venice connected can only be booked online. The normal transport card (no discount) can be bought at any tabaconist which sells ACTv tockets and at any ACTv office and at any vaporetto stops. The rolling card can only be bought in piazzale Roma at the Hello Venezia shop.

  30. Thanks again for your reply.
    I suppose we will get the card in Venice itself, due to the ash could problem in Europe.
    Can you let me if we can get the cards (Venice connected and rolling Venice) at Piazzale Roma or any tobacco shops with ‘ACTV’ signs.

  31. The Veniceconnected card is the ACTV card which can/must be bought in advance to get a discount on it. The rolling card is a card which can be purchased only for people 14-29, it cost 4 euro and allows the poeple who purchase it to get a 3 day youth card for 18 euros which cover the vaporetti and buses. So people who are 14-29 can use a 3 day transport card at the total cost of euro 22 (rolling card + transport card)

  32. I think I have identified a problem of definitions. Monica, would you please chech this for us.
    Valid means you can use it.
    Cards identifies for a number of hours are valid when you buy them; you can use the at once or later.
    Cards identified by days are valid only for those days, measured midnight to midnight.
    Cards identified for hours, are valid when you buy them, and their starting time is established when you first use them by “Authenticating” them at the machine on the dock or in the bus. That starts the clock for their use, and their validity will expire the set number of hours later.
    Monica, please confirm or correct. ===gm===

  33. Thanks , the post are really very helpful.
    Can you let me if the actv travel cards and venice connected cards are the same.
    Also with which card can I combine the Rolling venice card.

  34. I am not sure people are actually reading what I write here!!!

    1- If you purchase the card on Veniceconnected it is the same card you can buy at the vaporetto in Venice, but by buying it online on their official site you get a discount on the normal price (the price you will pay if you purchase it when you are in Venice) that can arrive up to 25% off if you buy it in advance of a certain amount of days and according to which season you are visiting Venice. Example if a 48 hours card will cost you euro 28.00 if you purchase it in Venice, it will cost you less if you buy it online.
    It is exactly the same card, but by buying online it is cheaper!

    2- The card is valid from the moment you pick it up from the Veniceconnected point. Read my previous post!
    It is valid 12-24-36-48-72 ot 7 days, according to which one you have purchased.
    So if you buy a 24 h card and you pick it up at 3pm, it will be valid until 3pm of the day after and so on!

    I know the Veniceconnected site is not clear ( I told them), but it seemed I cleared the validity of the card on my previous post!

    Ciao a tutti monica

  35. “Signals Off”. I just visited VeniceConnected and the seven day and 72 hour cards are valid from “the time you get them”, so don’t buy ahead of time. It did not say how they count days on the seven day card, but hours are hours and that is clear. I searched for the rules I remember seeing and got a “Page Not Found”. Ditto for hellovenezia.

    When I bought my seven day card last Fall, I was advised to keep the receipt in case I was challenged. At the time the card did not have to be validated. I hope the people who check tickes are told what we are told. ===gm===

  36. Ok, I have called VeniceConnected myself on +39 0412424 and this is what they explained:

    The card is valid from the moment it is picked up from the VeniceConnected Pick up point. So if you have a 72h card and you pick it up at 10.00 am it is valid from that moment for 72 hours or whatever period you have purchased it for.

    I agree that the rules are not clear and I have told them they should put this info on their site. Whether they will implement my comment or not, I do not know.

    I hope I cleared all doubts


  37. Hi Monica. Well, that’s the thing – there is no exact expiry date. There is only the start date and the number of hours you buy it for. And the big question is when this 72-h count starts. If it automatically starts at 00:01 am on 1 May regardless when you actually pick it up and start using it on that day (maybe not before 6 pm), then it will expire at 11:59 pm on 3 May. If the time does not start until you validate the card on 1 May (let’s say 6 pm), then it should be active until 6 pm on 4 May. And this makes difference. The rules on the are unfortunately not very clear if not tricky. But thanks anyway.

  38. I would avoid saying “tourist card”; Better be specific and say how you bought it.
    I got seven day transport card ahead of time on VeniceConnected and lost half a day because it starts at midnight. For rules see and Actv’s websit.
    You might just as well but at any vaporetto stop. ===gm===

  39. monica cesarato Monica Cesarato

    As far as I know it is valid from the first moment you use it, since you have to validate it through a machine. So if you pick a 72 H card at 8 am but only start using it at 2 pm, the card will be valid until 2pm of the day it was supposed to expire. And it does work 24 hours a day, for all the period you book. There are no time limits.
    If you have any queries you can write directly to and I am sure they will be happy to answer all your questions.

  40. Hi Monica, could you please specify when the card becomes active? I mean when this hour-count actually starts? If I order a 72-hour card starting from 1 May and I pick it up on that day and I validate it let’s say around 2pm, does it mean that the card will be active until 2 pm on 4 May? Or is it timed from midnight to midnight as it says in the post above? In this case I would only be able to use it on 1, 2 and 3 May but not on 4 May. Many thanks for your reply in advance.

  41. I bought a tourist card and I didnt have any problems with it. We didnt buy it until two days into our 10 day stay and we used it all the time. We didnt have to wait to pick it up either. We purchased ous at the bus stop in Rialto. the only thing I wish we knew we could have used it for the buses also!! we might have ventured inland a bit!! I thought it was worth every penny!!! Those valporetto tickets are expensive for tourists!!!

  42. The card is not a scam, it is organised by Venice city. The tickets are valid 24 hours a day. it is true they cannot be picked up before the day they start, but that is due to some logistical reasons to do with the booking system.

    The pick-up point are well indicated in their website (so you can see where you can get them before booking) and they are at Marco Polo airport, at Piazzale Roma, At tronchetto and in San Marco. So if you arrive by plane you can collect it at the airport, if you arrive by train you go to Piazzale roma.

    There is no cheaper option, the tickets are the same as those that you can buy on site when you arrive, but by booking in advance you get them discounted of up to 25% according to the period you are arriving and the days in advance you are booking.
    ciao Monica

  43. Hi GM,

    Do you really think it’s a “scam”? I just returned from one week in Venice and wish that I had booked one of these. As it was, I paid 13 euros to get to and from the airport (26 total), plus multiple journeys up and down the canal for 6.50 each. So, I spent almost 50 euros on just a handful of trips on the vaporetti. Had I purchased a one-week pass, it would have cost the same and I would certainly have used the vaporetti more often (and saved some serious energy). I would have probably also headed to the islands.

    As for cheaper tickets, it’s true that you can take a small “traghetti” to cross the Grand Canal. Those boats just shoot straight across the canal — not up and down it, and they only cost 50 cents. (The trip usually takes just a minute or two.) I took one of those and quite enjoyed it. It was a sort of “cheapo” gondola ride.


  44. The VeniceConnected transport ticket is a bit of a scam to be avoided. They are timed from midnight to midnight and may not be picked up before the date they start, As a result, unless you are within walking didtance of a pick-up point, you have to pay for a full fare trip to get it.
    And watch out; make no mistakes when ordering; they make no adjustments.
    Also, I have been told that there is a cheaper ‘one-way’ ticket, but I don’t know the details. The website said “Contact Us”, but they did not reoly to my questions.

    1. Josephine Loughran

      Advice is not to buy passes in advance via Venice Connected. Jusy buy when you get to airport and are sur of your dates an times.

      I have had a very difficult experience in which they would not change the dates and refused a refund. I had to buy 4 x 72 hour passes again. They might be within their contractual rights but is it good customer service to take money for nothing? They know the original tickets were not printed.


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