Venice: The best grocery stores, supermarkets, delis and bakeries


Venice Billa supermarket
A Billa supermarket in Venice's Cannaregio neighborhood. Photo: Tom Meyers

Have you ever wandered around Venice after realizing that, say, you’ve run out of toothpaste, shampoo or body lotion? It can actually be a bit tricky to locate a supermarket amidst the winding alleys of the old city.

Well, even if you haven’t run out of toothpaste, I’m pretty sure that it’s helpful to make a list of supermarkets located in all the main tourist areas of Venice to use as a reference. These major grocery stores provide not only the basics, but also a wide range of typical Italian products (like pasta, olive oil and cakes) that can make an excellent cheapo souvenir!

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Water for sale in Venice

Save when you buy water at the supermarket.

The COOP is a very large Italian grocery chain that seems to emphasize quality over profits. I find their items to be reliably good. Several locations can be found in central Venice, among them these four:

Fondamenta Santa Chiara (Near Piazzale Roma)

Sestiere Santa Croce, 1493 (telephone: 041 275 0218)

Cannaregio, 1976 (telephone: 041 720 374)

Sestiere Giudecca, 484 (telephone: 041 241 3381)

There are, of course, other supermarkets in Venice. These include:

Billa A.G.
1491, Dorsoduro
041 241 8820

Supermercato Punto Sma City
Sestiere Castello, 5065

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Food shops

Along with a wide range of supermarkets, there are also several food shops in Venice that are worth checking out, even if you just like to window shop. These include classic old Venetian delicatessens and bakeries. Here you will be able to enjoy some of the best food Venice can offer.

Gastronomia Venice

Gastronomia Aliani is a food lover’s delight, packed with cheese, meat and other delicacies. Photo: spunkymama

Gastronomia Aliani

San Polo 654
Ruga Rialto/Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni
Vaporetto: Rialto Mercato or San Silvestro

This is my favorite food shop of them all in Venice. It’s a traditional delicatessen which stocks a very large selection of cold meats and cheeses from every part of Italy and a very large range of prepared dishes and roasted meats (try the baccala mantecato). It is run by Davide Aliani and his lovely mother.

Casa del Parmigiano
San Polo 214/215
Erberia Rialto

This cheese and meat shop has been selling a wide variety of delicious products since 1936! With a location just next to Rialto Bridge, it’s a must-visit in a central location.

I Tre Mercanti srl
Campo della Guerra
Castello, 5364
041 522 2901

Gourmet shop with fine Italian ingredients to take home or create a sandwich with. They also have a nice wine selection.

Panifici Majer
Three locations:
San Polo 2307, near Rialto
Santa Croce 1630
Dorsoduro 3108/D (near Campo Santa Margherita)

Panifici Majer is a small chain of Venetian bakeries. Aside from typical food items, it also sells cakes, wines and more.

I hope this reference list will be of use to you out there, in your moment of supermarket need. Happy Shopping!

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